Why I Now Hate My Samsung Galaxy S2

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems:

*Since this article went live a few months ago, and has now received over 15,000 page views, as of Jan 1st 2012, I thought it best to write an article on how to improve your smartphone battery life.

So what is wrong with my Samsung S2 that warrants a plain old rant…?

Well firstly, here is what is not wrong with the Samsung S2:


  • It has a wonderful bright Super AMOLED screen that can light up arenas.
  • It has dual 1.2 Ghz processors so is no slouch.
  • Slim and very light.
  • It integrates with Google maps to give you a pretty good sat nav (when it works well)
  • It has enough RAM to make playing games responsive and fun.
  • It offers SWYPE as an input method and makes pressing buttons totally redundant once you get the hang of it.


Unfortunately though, like many things in this wonderful world. The Yin and Yang have to be at odds with each other to create the occasional beauty that you see with the Samsung S2.

So what is the Yin to the Above Yang?

Quite simply BATTERY LIFE!

As someone who works from a place with a power socket, or having access to my computers USB lead for most of the time, there are perhaps fewer times when I need to use my phone all day without any chance of a top up…cue yesterday.



  • Meeting at 10.30am
  • Meeting at 3.00pm




  • Leave house at 8.30 to catch train, occasionally read news on phone using 3G connection when possible (lots of tunnels make it tough)
  • Walk to meeting point at 10.00 after train journey using GPS satellite for help, this lasts 15 minutes.
  • Have meeting.
  • Walk to train station to catch a new train…not using GPS as it got me well and truly lost, and it was easier to find my way back once I had done the initial walk.
  • Wait around in one area of the City and have a bite to eat while using the restaurants Wi-Fi.
  • Catch a train to next meeting in another City…not using phone, as at 2.00 pm I am worried about battery life…have been out of the house now for around 5.5 hours.
  • Get to the next City and use Sat Nav once more for general directions, find it totally useless and realise my battery had lied and it had now jumped to nearly dead….great…I have no pen to write down numbers (my fault) and no way of easily contacting my meeting point if this phone dies on me…luckily I get there OK and the battery has a smidgens of life still in it.
  • Just before the meeting I text my better half to let her know that I will not be asking her to pick me up as arranged loosely after the meeting, as I will not be able to be any more specific as to timing, not knowing how long this meeting will last, and seeing my phones battery finally dying.


So at 3.15 pm my battery had gone and my phone was nigh on useless.

Duration of day….between 6 and 7 hours.


Amount of time using phone?…Really quite minimal apart from GPS which was also used sparingly after the first 15 minutes at my first meeting.

Conclusion: What happened to the Nokia’s that used to last 5 days with one half charge…yeh I know they never used data etc but seriously this is the one big issue facing mobile technology right now and one that needs to be solved.

Otherwise the term mobile is slightly ironic don’t you think?

Of course we can all carry spare batteries, but why should we, and if this is needed, why don’t manufacturers factor this in and be honest.

If tablets and smartphones are to be truly mobile they damn well need to have a battery life that can handle being used on a days work schedule without a charge. Actually, 2 days work would not be ridiculous to request.

I pay huge amounts for my phone each month, and really, the Samsung S2 battery is not even good enough for using during one days work, with full charge from the outset.

If you are away from a trusty power supply, never mind an actual full 24 hour day on the road….the battery life of the S2 can not even offer one third of that duration without dying a death….not good.

Think twice about buying the Samsung S2 if you need to have battery life for a full day….of course spares are an ugly option though!

Though this seems to work very well:

*Update – As this article has ended up being quite the flagship for Mobile Inquirer, I now feel a need to clarify that I think the Samsung S2 is a cracking phone (note initial praise) and the battery life issue is not actually a fault of the Samsung S2 per se, that said, I do feel that battery life needs to be addressed at manufacturing/design/R&D level and something needs to be done about the issue all mobile devices face in order to make them truly mobile and functional as intended.

Smartphone Battery Life Problems Petition
Smartphone Battery Life Problems Petition

*Ok before I go on, an update again – I think it would be useful to get a petition to help manufacturers see just how much of an issue battery life really is to people:

If you feel as strongly as most of the people who have commented on this post (which has been read over 10,000 times as of Mid December), carry on sending us your comments and add your email to the petition so we can pass this on to the device manufacturers ourselves.

If you choose to opt in to the newsletter sign up, you agree that we can add you to our popular mailing list to keep you updated with news surrounding this matter and in general, one email a day maximum.

Socially mobile!

And please join in the debate by going to our Facebook site here, giving us a like if you are feeling nice, and our twitter site here, and following is, and then get involved using the #MoreJuice hashtag when you are referring to this particular post or your general annoyance at how short your mobile phone battery lasts!

This is what you are saying to device manufacturers:

I am signing this petition as I am unhappy with the general battery life of my smartphone, I believe it to be unacceptable to last shorter than a full day on a full charge, and would prefer that my device was larger to accommodate a bigger battery if this was to improve performance of my “mobile” device.
Otherwise, please ensure that the performance of my phone matches the expected enjoyment and use that I should obtain from my mobile device, or provide me with a spare battery or similar option to improve my battery life at purchase.

[emailpetition id=”1″]

Small victory for Mobile Inquirer with help from you guys

I must now point you to a new article here, where Samsung Promise All Day Battery For Smartphones which relates to Samsung’s new stance on improving smartphone battery life, hopefully this article and your help has gone some way to forcing this shift in mindset that will help the average smartphone user get a full days use out of their phone as they expect!

Anthony Munns
  • amicalmant

    My dear Anthony, let me kindly tell you that you are either nuts or out of inspiration.

    1) Why don’t you buy a couple of extra 1800 mAh batteries and a charger such as those ones: removed as spam ?

    2) Instead of whinning like a child, why don’t you write a great article on the art of managing a set of removable batteries?

    Maybe I can help. I have been using Android phones for over 3 years now (G1 > G2 > Nexus One > Nexus S) and the first thing I always did when I got a new phone is bying on eBay a charger and extra batteries that I could keep at hand. This is indeed the great superiority of the Android ecosystem over the iSingle choice — you can change the battery wherever you need it !

    And the best way to extend a battery life — you know that don’t you? — is using it until it is empty before charging it again. You cannot easily do that with a non-removable battery — but you can when it is removable and you have one or two extra ones ready to go.

    • MobileInquirer


      I surely pay enough money to not want or need to carry around extra batteries to keep my mobile phone alive in late 2011?…This has nothing at all to do with inspiration or my mental state by the way, but thank you for attempting to help me with your initial rather odd insults.

      In answer to your comment re: “you know that don’t you?”

      Yes I have heard you should run a battery till it dies, and with my Samsung it is nigh on impossible to not do this as it is dead in a few hours…so thanks for the tip (which I also hear is not true by other credible sources by the way.)

      How much do Samsung pay you anyway..;)

      • Hello Anthony. I did not mean to insult you. There was a less agressive explanation in my comment — that you maybe lacked of inspiration. However, you may freely infer that “who sows hatred [in your title] harvest insults” 🙂

        1) I am (unfortunately) not paid by anyone including Samsung. I am French, I live in Montreal, Quebec, and I don’t think that Samsung knows where this is exactly 🙂
        2) The fact is that I am an Android fan and that I know by experience that no phone — even the media-praized iStuff from Apple — can work all day long on a single battery charge when using network and GPS heavily. This is why having a phone equipped with removable batteries is so great.

        >> I surely pay enough money to not want or need to carry around extra batteries to keep my mobile phone alive in late 2011?

        Surely not. And since you are not nuts but committed to “deliver unique, well researched content of value” (as stated in your Editorial Policy) I think that you should go beyond the very well documented article titled “Samsung Galaxy S2 review: Battery life and connectivity”, not be as cheap as not investing $10 in a set of extra 1800 mAH batteries with a charger (search eBay for “samsung galaxy s2 batteries charger”), experience you new life with 2 fully-charged extra batteries in your pocket and, finally, write a great piece focused on SOLUTION instead of complaining.

        Of course, you are your own boss so you will do what you want. It was just a friendly advice with the purpose of lowering your level of hatred… or to redirect it to someone able to take it 🙂

        • Anthony Munns

          Pleasing everyone all of the time is not in my remit I am afraid but all are welcome to have their opinion, in reference to the comment where you mentioned I had censored the link, yes I had, it looked spammy and I was also having issues with LiveFyre at the time.

          • Rockysanto

            I’m iPhone user 3GS-4G-4GS, all smart phone batteries sux.. can last you 6 hours gd enuf on heavy usage. Thinking to get S2 or HTC Sensation..hmmm

          • The S2 is great do not get me wrong, but…….well the issues are above!

          • Kjelerby

            I switched from the Evo 4G which lasted maybe 6 hours to the S2. I’ve been able to go 2 full days with no charge. I have widgets, auto sync, and auto brightness on. 15 hours on average usage will leave me with 50-60% battery. I think the S2 battery life is phenomenal. I used to carry 2 extra batteries with my Evo.

          • I assume you mean going from 10pm one day until perhaps 10am the next day..;)

            Not a hope in hell you can do 24 hours on one charge with a Samsung S2…not a hope!..especially with auto sync, auto brightness etc…unless you simply left it on!

          • Moekavili

            I agree with Kjelerby I’m using the S2 and I’m only charging my mobile once every 2 days. I play games and I use WiFi from time to time. and still my phone is holding up till 48 hours. 

          • Sorry just can not accept that at all, not at all.

          • Galvanblazetewinkle

            THE SOLUTION (For Me): I Have the galaxy s2 (t989) from t-mobile. Rooted the phone, flashed it with the beast mod rom, and it lasts 3 days  with little usage, texting/calling/navigating/ no games, and 1 and a half days with nonstop continuous usage  😀  

          • Alain

            I also have a Galaxy S2. I wasn’t too fond of the battery life either in the beginning. Default image (2.3.3) had a drain bug. Image 2.3.5 seems to solve this.
            My usages:
            – Heavy usage (1,5hrs of 3D gaming + several checks on twitter & internet): less than 24hrs (1 recharge a day). 3D Gaming can take 10-15% in  30 minutes. 40 minutes of internet about 7%.
            – Fairly normal usage (above withouth the gaming: 1 recharge every two days.
            – No usage, only stanby and a few calls (GPS, location, wifi and 3G enabled and push mail): 4 days (!!!)
            – On airplane mode it can standby up to 10 days (but makes it quite useless 😉

          • Alexgainer

            you’re totally right! I can barely use my samsung galaxy s2 just sending a text here and there and listening to music, and my phone will die in less than 4 hours. It really sucks. me and my dad left to go out for a bit, his iphone 4s had 25% charge, mine had about 80%. I drove so I was only running music on my phone, while my dad was navigating and texting the whole time. In 4 hours, my phone died and his was still going for about 10 minutes after mine. It sux, but you can buy extra batteries for less than $5 on amazon. which depending on how many you buy, you can out last any phone. which is good, but it’s still a pain

          • I think things will change but I agree as you can tell!..thanks for your comment.

        • Appsntabs

          Thank Apple for me, after your insight I’ll be purchasing an Apple since the battery life is proven.  Also make that 148 Apple 4s’s for my employees !
          At least we can thank you for the insight.

          • Cheers.

          • 12

            listen this article is total rubbish! get a grip man…. try one

      • Yourabitch

        Your a little bitch goto any aftermarket cell phone store or chinese market and buy a high capacity battery. What your doing is like buying a pagani and complaining it doesn’t get the mileage of a prius. Grow up if you want a phone with a battery that will last you for days on half a charge then start charging your old nokia and buy a laptop. Your the kind of person that will complain about having to charge your phone once a month when we have that tech “damn cellphone manufacturers atoll making us charge our phones what happened to the good old days when people would send eachother
        a letter in the mail now that was easy”.if you don’t like the phone then sell it and get a new one and completly
        ignore all of of the tech that has already been out for awhile to deal with personal preference. By the way do have any complaints about the screen bring to shiny and that they should build in a privacy screen to or that meets your approval. Ps I hope sneezes in your face and knees you in the ear.pps thank you samsung for the best phone ever made gladly awaiting the galaxy s3 .

        • I am lost as to what goes on in your mind but thank you for sharing.

    • Guest

      HMMM, I’m going to enjoy you telling that to all the new owners of the “new droid razor -which has no removable / non-swapping battery .  hmmm I guess you would tell them to carry a spare razor or 2… Get with it already this is 2011 – create a device and battery that lasts…

      • Here here, sorry that the new Droid is lacking in an option to add another battery at least the Samsung has one up on that!

        • Pereirajoh

          This is quite weird … there are some people that claim to gone up to 20 something hours with heavy usage … some say it’s a bug that hasn’t been fixed … the battery bug has plagued the iPhone 4s for a few months now , but a fix was released … i guess in the next ginger bread upgrade there might be some hope … I have an S2 of my own and play games rather moderately and I get 3-5 hours from my device… I hear cyanogenmod 7.1 helps alot with the next problem … hope this helps 🙂

          • Alain

            When reading the apple discussion forum, it seems the battery problem was not fixed for the 4s. Some see still a heavy battery drain (10% an hour) on 5.0.1 (others do fine however).
            There is a fix for the Galaxy S2 available (gingerbread 2.3.5) which improves battery life a lot.

          • Thanks again Alain.

    • Capscom0227

      Not to burst your bubble but battery technology today is not the same a few years ago. When you said using a battery until empty before charging it again, you are referring to the old Ni-Cd batteries (which are no lightweights – literally). Batteries today (Li-Ion/Li-Po) are the opposite; it’s advisable to charge the battery while there is still charge left on it. You may even charge it even if it has lost even a tick of charge level. 

      Also, if you have a smart phone, battery life is always a consideration. When you buy a phone, you expect that it should last the day while you’re out and about. Sure, a lot of the features eat battery like a hog but carrying spare batteries seem to be a bit of an overkill. I myself would lug around spare batteries if I would be out of the office and know that I need the juice to power my phone the whole day. But Anthony’s concern is valid. A lot of other phones can handle (more or less) the same tasks but have charge left to use. 

      Just my two cents…

      • Hi Capscom, no bubble to burst. Just my thoughts on a day when I could have done with some life in my very expensive “all singing and all dancing” Samsung S2…I have mentioned your points in the comments though, but thanks anyway.

    • RE: Terrible advice on using battery till empty on lithium ion batteries: “Most modern cell phones, laptops, and most electric vehicles use Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries last longest if the battery is frequently charged; fully discharging them will degrade their capacity relatively quickly.”

      • Man Up


        I surely pay enough money to not want or need to carry around extra batteries to keep my mobile phone alive in late 2011?…This has nothing at all to do with inspiration or my mental state by the way, but thank you for attempting to help me with your initial rather odd insults.

        In answer to your comment re: “you know that don’t you?”

        Yes I have heard you should run a battery till it dies, and with my Samsung it is nigh on impossible to not do this as it is dead in a few hours…so thanks for the tip”

        Christ, you’re worse that Mitt Romney.

        • Man Up


  • MM

    I also had a battery drain problem with my S2 but I solved it… I just found that if you use the phone the battery goes down so… now I only use the phone in an emergency. It’s the price you pay for cutting edge high tech so maybe get an everyday phone and use the S2 for just special occasions. I do agree it has really poor battery life and yes I did have an iPhone3 then iPhone4 now S2. Yes I do still like the S2 but it does have issues with power. I know all the fanboys will say it has the incredible screen and super processor and I do love that but you also need to manufacture something that is usable and at least last a day, sorry Samsung battery life is poor. Anyway as far as suggestions for extending your battery life… I would suggest that you switch email polling off (polling ON I could literally see the battery going down) and use push email that helped a little. I also experience the occasional lockup and have to re-boot, but that also happened on the iPhone 🙂

    • Anthony Munns

      Thanks for your reply and tips!

      I have turned GPS off and also my super bright light from auto to fairly dim….this helps a lot.

  • Vince

    I’m having the same experience with my phone. The first day I had it ran out around noon. Okay, I probably fiddled with it for 5-6 hours straight, but even then I think it should have lasted at least for a full workday. It is especially frustrating after having spent 3 years with a Blackberry curve that could go at least 2 full days without a charge.

    Could my battery be defective, or is this normal??

    • Anthony Munns

      It seems normal, and it should not be this way, I really do not care if there are ways around by buying extra battery’s, in 2011 a phone should last all day without needing to charge….simple.

      • Sevad19

        Okay…so let me get this straight. Using your phone, basically as a computer, you feel as though you should get minimum a full day out of one charge. I think that is absurd. Have any of you people complaining about your battery life ever tried getting 6-8 hours from your laptop without having to top it off? Try it sometime you may find you will not be able to. It is simple…if you want longer life from your phone battery then buy a phone that is not also a computer. It’s just that easy!

        • Guest

          Yes, and maybe makers should not not hype the products with more than realistic data that they do, and the reviewers should be more honest w/ reviews and not be concerned that they will not get FREEBIES for future reviews. Alot of SKEWING going on behind the scenes… 

          • I am sure this goes on…..but the Internet has a way of letting truths out eventually!

  • admin

    you shouldve got an iphone 4. best battery hands down. lasts 1-2 days with 5-6 hours of usage: music, internet, video, games, talking, texting. thats the problem wit android phones, not one of them has a decent battery.

  • mekik

    Hi all, good day. I am impress with MobileInquirer thought. i also having the same thought too… nowadays, all manufacturer is focus on features enrichment rather than value in terms of quality of life.

    • Anthony Munns

      Functionality is the thing we all want and enjoy….ask Apple….Samsung wake up and learn.

  • Marco

    Totally valid points. You should be able to use a mobile for a day without being concerned about battery dying..

    Ofc Samsung should include 2 extra batteries with the Galaxy. Who buys extra batteries these days? Fail in design.

  • Russ

    This is the most pathetic article I have ever read. Ive also got an s2 which I use for work. As a long time user of smart phones I was already aware of the issue with battery life so bought more batteries from the outset plus a desk dock that charges the phone and an additional battery.

    There isn’t a single phone out there which will last for as long as you need it to with heavy usage with the exception of possibly blackberry but then you would be stuck with it it’s limited functionally as a tradeoff. so stop crying like a schoolgirl and but more batteries or get an asus transformer which has a proven 18 hours battery life and stop writing crap articles like this.

    • Anthony Munns

      Do you think I still live in 1988 Russ?…Samsung sing the praise of there hardware (totally incorrectly as know one cares) yet there hardware sucks big time when tested even minimally, believe me I did not….”heavy use” the “smart” phone……just off for a big cry now….xx

      • Man Up

        Where did you learn English, pal?

    • Guest

      sounds like your employed by someone with an interest here.  Instead of being negative, you could have added some battery saving tips.  Plants usually lose their leaves…

      • Well as many will know I still struggle with my Samsung s2, and yes I love the phone in general but not the battery life, it is useless….I am damned if I am buying another battery but have looked at the application Juice Defender and will be reviewing this soon, to see if it is any good after trials.

      • lol….not at all, trust me, however I am trialling juice defender before I stump up cash for a new battery.

  • jack1059

    Im with you Anthony. Battery life is my single biggest determining factor in smartphone purchases, OS. apps, etc, all come after that. It aint smart if you cant use it. And if manufacturers make these phones in 2011 which die after a short period (my experience also with a nexus one) then they should supply a second battery free.

    • Anthony Munns

      Totally agree, I know that technically we can now do too much on our phones for the battery that is contained, but why not go that few Grams heavier and mm thicker until the battery’s catch up in terms of power and lifespan, seriously I could not care less about weight and thickness when the sodding thing stops working at midday currently………what happened to logic, and functionality over pointless point scoring in style terms?

  • Josh

    Anthony, I totally agree with you. The battery life is a deal breaker for me. Can’t last longer than 13hours of minimal use with 3G on all the while. It’s not feasible to just leave it on 2G and hop onto the 3G band when required, just too troublesome. And I agree regarding the battery, why should I incur additional cost to get more batteries? I’ve already paid extra to get a car charger. Just compare the battery life with an iphone4 and I’m already thinking of getting the iphone.

  • Michael

    sigh.. i to love my Galaxy S 2…but really…most Android phones have terrible battery life. I also have a nokia N8..but i was swayed by the android app ecosystem and the gorgeous UI and other bells and whistles…but after the initial infatuation wore off… i realized that the galaxy s 2 is a nice toy..but when i really am in need..the N8 is the one that comes through for me with excellent battery life, usb on the go, superb camera, etc.

    to be honest i am going to sell my SGS2.. yes there are lots of games and apps..but Nokia store has a fair bit as well..and to be honest..unless you are a hardcore gamer..the n8 has sufficient games as well.

    P.S. and now that i put symbian belle (leaked) on my n8.. i must admit the ui is very pretty. What i will miss from the SGS2 is that gorgeous screen!..unfortunately..my n8 was one of the ones with the purple tint issue :P..but then again my friends SGS2 has the yellow tint issue..so i guess quality control for all manufacturers went out of style.

    • Hi Michael thanks for your reply, it seems issues crop up pretty much everywhere in reality!

  • I am quite an extensive user of social media sites, email and text on my phone but cant relate to an experience as bad as yours.

    There was an update a few week ago which was ‘made available’ but not ‘pushed’. I could not find any solid confirmation of this but from what I could find out it was alleged to help with battery life. Did you install it?

    Check for updates using -> Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update -> Checf for update.

    • Thanks for the tip I always update regular automatically and seem to be at the most recent….trust me my phone is useless for battery.

  • Jag

    I had the same issue with my android phone. HTC sensation.
    Was only able to squeeze 4.5 hours of usage out of it. Sold it
    and bought an iPhone 4S. Able to get a whole lot more usage time.
    About 7.5 hours of usage time with a good mix of wifi/3G.
    Standby time is just amazing on the iPhone 4S. Easily last a whole day.

    • Anthony Munns

      Hi Jag.

      I just ran out of juice after 4.5 hours the other day….trialling an app called Juice Defender but may need to pay for the proper version as not a great deal has happened though early days in the trial.

  • JM

    I had to buy the Spare Battery Charging System for the Galaxy S II. It is the only way I have been able to keep my data connection on and make it through a full day.  It comes with a battery, battery charger, and a power cord for the external charger.  

    I regret giving up the HTC Sensation actually.  That phone burned through its battery just as quickly when actually in use but had really great standby time.  The Galaxy S II will run through 25% of its power in 5 hours sitting on my nightstand.  

    • Yes it seems to be the way forward, shame as I sense you like the phone like me!

  • Shen

    Either get a life and stop using you’re phone 24/7, or get a blackberry…

    • Shen…..I can not use my phone 24/7 this is the point, though this issue does allow me to have a life..;)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m two days in to my Samsung S2 LTE and was also astounded by battery life (or lack thereof).  My 2.5 year old Blackberry Bold was down to just a day and a half charge on light usage, so I was whining and decided to get a new phone.  No doubt, the Galaxy is an amazing phone and I may find is well worth the hassle of having a couple spare batteries handy.  But I was a bit surprised that a phone would be sold today with a battery that can’t even make 12 hours.  But I’ve also heard not so nice things about the iPhone battery life, and as pointed earlier, at least you can swap the Galaxy battery!

    • It is true, at least you can buy a spare. Smartphones are simply too damn advanced, equivalent to a very powerful laptop even now so it is understandable but not really acceptable when you need it all day as we all do. Almost a chicken and egg situation. Though it is late!

    • Well it does appear that the iPhone suffers the same issues (laptop in mobile problem)…they will all have it for now….but yes, the Samsung’s change of battery option is much better than the iPhones non option, that sucks!

  • Liam

    Have you tried to update the phone????
    I have an SGS2 and I regularly get over 2 days of battery life, and at least a full day when using heavily. There was an issue with a background process not switching off when finished, causing the battery to die within 6 or 7 hours (mine did for the first few days I had it until I updated it to 2.3.3). New software has a bug fix making the battery great (well for a smartphone anyway!!!!)

    • Yes have done this a long time ago and is up to date…..thanks for your help though.

  • Marco G

    You should think about getting the Nokia N9 which runs Meego. I use the phone at least as much as you use it and i get easily through the day – even with skype running in the background. The phone has a really good battery-saver mode if needed and you can download the maps, so no 3G or Wifi is necessary for navigation.
    And in case you use your phone as an alarm-clock; you can just turn the N9 off at nighttime, the alarms will still work, like with the old Nokia phones.

    I had the same problem a Galaxy S2, it could be that some of your apps run background services which drain the battery so fast, i would check on that. Because I you can get a longer battery-life out of your phone. Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for tips, quite happy with my S2 really. Just the battery life is not good.

  • RichardP

    I strongly disagree… 😉
    I am an SGS2 owner and my experience is quite different. When I use it heavily, I get 2 days on one charge and can get 3-4 on light to very light use (which still includes push mail and the occasional browsing). The one time I had problems is when I installed a crappy application which drained my battery (but still lasted a day). I got rid of the app and installed another one with similar function and my problem went away.
    It also easily outlasts a friend’s iPhone (dunno which series, I think it’s 4). 
    Of course, it is always possible that you just got a bad battery or something is wrong with the hardware. I suggest installing one of the better battery monitor apps and you will be able to tell if it’s your battery, hardware and see which apps draw a lot of power.
    Many people also ignore the manufacturer’s advice which is valid for all Li ion batteries, if you want maximum life and optimum capacity. You should fully charge the battery and run it down close to zero the first few times. Say, 3 times. I saw the stored charge increasing on mine after the first two usage cycles.
    I agree on one point, though. It makes me very angry that the manufacturers care more about their phones appearance in the shop than the usability. They are all rushing to say that they have the thinnest phone around. Do they think I care if the phone is 8.9 or 9.1mm thick?? On the other hand, I sure do care about battery life. Why don’t they just make the phone 0.5-1mm thicker and add significant battery life?? The “thinness” claim is partially bogus anyway, because most phones have buldging bits. For example a couple of phones had their camera sticking out which meant that when I put the phone down on my desk to do a bit of browsing, email reading, it was rocking on the desk every time I touched it. Hello, manufacturers! Wakie-wakie! It is meant to be touched,’cause it’s a touch phone!!
    Lastly, you can buy higher capacity batteries for the SGS2 OK. You can get maybe an extra 25% capacity or a lot more if you go for a thicker than standard battery.  It’s an extra cost but if you need very long battery life, it’s only an online search away…

    • Thank you for your reply.

    • tomr

      see im the same with my galaxy s2 when i use it alot i get 2 days bat life and i mean i use it alot….. im replying to this on it and last time i charged it was saturday night…… i dont know why others are having such difficulty my other half has an iphone 3gs and that is hopeless for battery so i think due to other peoples problems i think you should invest in a new battery and try again

    • You seem to have Kryptonite Samsung battery, one of a few…;)

  • Ben

    Your article is very vague and although on face value it appears you have included much detail, you have infact, failed to included the vital information that would validate your point… namely what settings you are using on your phone.
    Do you have WIFI and GPS turned on all the time? or do you turn those features off and on via the top drop down menu as you use them? Do you have the ‘report your location’ setting turned on? This would mean it is using the GPS regularly. What programs do you have running? do you leave them running all the time or are you vigilant to terminate all your programs everytime you close them via active programs? Do you follow full charge /  discharge cycles periodically? Do you leave bluetooth turned on?
    Honestly its enough to make me rage when I read an article like this and realise how little the author really understands about the technology they’re using. These days smartphones are running multiple, relatively complex programs, high deman graphics for a phone, GHz processors, detailed operating systems and more… all these things take a high demand on power and yet you still expect it to last as long as a Nokia 3310?? Sounds like someone wants their cake and to eat it too.
    These days phones are being jam packed with features because the consumer demands it but it all has to come at a cost.You can’t have everything in life. You want battery life? learn to turn off features and close programs to conserve battery life. Don’t like it, choose a smartphone with less features.
    Incidently, I have a Galaxy S2 and find the battery life to be 8 – 10 hours no problem. GPS on, WIFI on and auto connected to my home network, features such as location reporting and periodic email checking turned on. I love my phone and have no problems with it… but I guess I have done my homework and understand the technology I bought and not just threw money on the latest trends.

    • Hi. I have used many many settings and you will possibly see this in my conversation in the replies to comments. I agree with you overall….but let me just ask you, if I had gone to such lengths (as I have) to ensure my battery lasts a pathetic 8-10 hours (which it does not)…and I mean there is some quite technical areas to laboriously deal with…does this still make my desire for a longer battery life invalid?….as most people would not want to or indeed know how to set things in such a way…thank you for your opinion anyway.

      • Ben

        But your article is specific in dealing with SG2. Your ‘desire’ for a longer battery life does so in a way that points blame at the device rather than the technology that is currently available for the device to utilise. And Samsung has made it very easy to make such setting adjustments, they’ve included big green buttons on the top row of the slide down menu. They’ve made it very easy for the adverage user to turn these power hungry features on and off, its not a laborious process at all.
        And you call 8 – 10 hours of battery life pathetic. Let me ask you, how long does your laptop last? You can’t compare a SG2 to a older mobile phone, you’ve got to compare it to a tablet or netbook. I think you’ll find for that kind of technology 8 – 10 hours is well on par.

        • Hi. Ben, I see your point and by all means you can tell me what I already know again, but I still stand by the fact that a phone should last over 24 hours without a charge, that is my only point in this article, and the Samsung S2 does not at all. Now if Apple (who it appears suffer the same issue) Yes, I know, they all do, as they are essentially laptops inside a thimble, but you know what, Apple do not go on about the whizz bang parts of their products like Samsung do. So right now as a non iPhone owner, I am simply using my Samsung S2 as the example, and as Samsung tend to boast about the specs of their devices, I thought it may be useful to let people know that the battery life is atrocious, despite all the seriously annoying tinkering you “can” do that you really should not have to do. I would argue you get very little extra out if it anyway….this is in my experience.
          Please understand the context of the article and a little bit of journalistic licence…;)…Yes, smartphones in general have crap batteries, maybe this needs to change.

          • justb

            Hi I am with you on this.  I love my samsung but I can only use it for 3 hours a day.  I have had it in my handbag for about 4 hours today and not used it at all and there is only 50% battery left.  I checked what is running with task manager and nothing is running.  My issue is when I first got the phone it worked well and the battery lasted for at least a day.  Suddenly it started to use excessive battery.  Ben needs to remember that a phone is first and foremost a contact device and therefore it needs to be more portable than a laptop.  I can’t use the phone for internet or anything like that as it would die even sooner, so it is becoming pointless.   All smartphones have this problem but does that mean we should not compain and draw the manufacturers attention to the fact that having paid a lot of money for a smart phone I now have to carry a spare old phone so that I can make calls.

          • Hi. I am in full agreement with you here, it sees that many people will think twice now unless this improves.

          • It’s intereseting to see the talk here, but as new SGSII user for the last 2 weeks, my situation is different. I’m able to easily run 1.5-2 days on a single charge with at least 1 hr of total call time, several sms, and about an hour of game play a day.

            I almost exclusively turn off all features i.e wifi,blutetooth,gps, data and even 3G and run on 2G. I only switch to 3G when need to browse the net or download something. and i periodically close all the running programs.

            The only complaint for me is the charging time. it needs 2+ hrs to charge fully and it’s a long wai to pull the plug.

          • Hi, that is interesting, I wonder if the battery has been improved perhaps?

          • I’m not sure but the manufacture date on the battery is Aug/2011, but yes I agree 2 days barely, 1.5 days with some use for me.

          • Thanks.

          • Ezra_868

            I recently upgraded my Nokia N97 (which would last about 18hrs max) to a Galaxy SII and I love it! I charge it each night anyway, but from when I take it off charge at approximately 7am and put it back on charge at approximately 9:30pm there is still over 30% battery life displaying. Now, I use the internet (optus, not wifi) all day at work and text a few times during the day. I don’t use GPS features, but I use my wifi when I’m at home as I have no optus reception. Still, using a few processes my phone lasts substantially longer than the claims of poor battery life in this model of phone. Also, although tasks may not appear in the task manager, click RAM and then end all open applications – without fail, 5-20 applications will close that I didn’t open but that work in the background. Consider disabling automatic updates and roaming for various apps and see if your battery life improves. Also, use of internet and gps will substantially decrease life on any phone due to the function used. Im very pleased with my galaxy S II so I don’t understand what you’re complaining about to be honest.

    • Update: Nice to hear just today that Samsung have announced that all smartphones shipped in 2012 will now last a full day with moderate to heavy use.
      Victory for the consumer at last?
      At over 25,000 page views I hope this article has helped in some small way since last summers rant…..;)

  • Bintemp08

    I just bought my samsung Gs2 two days ago… yesterday spent whole day learning the functions, i used to use a nokia E66, still have it for back up. Browsing for apps, install, uninstall, etc. Just like what you said..all top notch features.. then today I unplugged it from the charger and went to work at 10am. By 2 went out for lunch realized the batt level has drained to half. By 7pm..its down to the last juice..luckly i manage to reach home and recharge.. lol..should have bought the ip4s instead.   

    • Ah, well from experience things do not get better, you just learn to live with it!

  • Rob in Oz

    The real issue you will have with Samsung is if/when your Galaxy S2 develops a major fault – like ours did when just 11 weeks old (frozen, getting hot, won’t turn on or off – removal of battery is only option).  Samsung customer service is appalling.  They “do not offer replacement warranties” (quote direct from Samsung Representative) and will only send your faulty phone away for an indeterminate time for repair.  Our experience so far is that when you eventually get it back (2 – 3 weeks), there is no explanation of what they repaired, and they told us it is “luck of the draw” whether it will fail again.  Three days later the phone is dead again.  Samsung refuse to answer our correspondence (email) and after waiting on hold for an eternity we gave up trying to speak to them.  The service provider (Virgin Mobile – Australia) were a little more helpful initially, but all they could offer was that we could purchase (at our own cost) a pre-paid handset to replace it whilst it is sent away again!  We have now, with the assistance of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission(ACCC) started a legal process and sent a letter of demand to Virgin to resolve the issue.  If they fail to do so within 3 days we will be pursuing this along with the ACCC through Trading Standards and the Telecomms Ombudsman.  The ACCC found Samsung and Virgins response so far as “laughable”.  My advice – NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT!!!  Our experiences with Apple with a broken Ipod Touch (twice – both our kids broke them separately) has been an absolute contrast.  Very quick response, very helpful, and replaced free of charge!!  We now wish we had gone with the iPhone 4 instead of the crappy Samsung Galaxy!

  • Datashepherd

    Power, brother.

  • Mud

    I see the same thing with my SGS2. Has Juice Defender helped? I can’t make it past 8 hours either…

    • Nah not at all, but I only trialled the freebie version, so perhaps the other more fully functioning option may save some battery, think the deal is this: Laptop power in small device = dead battery after 7 hours….;)….not much you can do I am afraid.

  • Rob in Oz

    Latest update with the faulty Samsung Galaxy S2 – Virgin have responded to the letter of demand saying as it is more than 28 days old (!!!!) they have offered that we can pay the phone out in full (at our cost) and be left with a dead phone, and then “upgrade” to a new phone !!!!!!!

    This is now in the hands of the Ombudsman!  We are stunned at Virgins poor response.

    • Hi Rob. Seems like the best way to go. Let us know how it resolves itself and good luck!

      • Rob in Oz

        Apparently the TIO say that Virgin are given 10 days to respond, so now Virgin are dliberately dragging this out as long as possible, they have until 21 December and will not talk to us until then.  Trading Standards QLD are also now involved.  Message to everyone AVOID VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some incredibly vindictive and arrogant comments on this article, but I must say that I find what Anthony said to be quite commonplace when using Android phones. 

    Over the last few years I’ve had the HTC Hero, the Desire, Desire HD and the Sensation, the Nexus S and the Galaxy S II and on each handset I’ve found the battery to be poor. I thankfully work in an office so I can charge when needed, but I regularly need to put it on charge by lunch time. That means that between 8am and 12pm I’m in a position where my battery is low. 4 hours.Every Android handset I’ve owned has necessitated the purchase of a second battery and I keep a Proporta in my bag for when it’s needed and on more occasions than I care to remember it’s been a life saver.I’ve picked up a Lumia 800 and must say I’m receiving very different battery results. Dropped 16 percent in the same time frame. Put it another way, I’ve not once had to use the Proporta.Don’t go down the ‘smart phones use more battery’ excuse guys. I’m using my Lumia just as heavily (if not more because I’m trying out new apps!) than I did my Android phones and receiving a considerably better battery life.Before anyone jumps on the ‘Windows Phone fanboy’ accusations, do bear in mind that I use an iOS device as my business phone and still use my current Android device. My thoughts above are based on real day-to-day heavy usage. I have no doubt I’ll be slated though!

    • Thanks Matt, interesting points made, I checked out the Lumia and got to say it felt damn sweet, nice to hear it holds up when used!

  • Alain

    Can you specify which version of the software you are using?
    The default ROM shipped with my unit had a drain bug, that prevented putting the processor in sleep mode (cpu spy showed it was always running at 200Mhz instead of deep sleep mode).
    The update (available through KIES) improved the battery life considerably.

    • Hi Alain – Gingerbread 2.3.3 though pretty sure all is normal here, after looking into it a little bit a while ago.

      • Alain

        The bug was present on my handset in 2.3.3.
        Please check if version 2.3.5 is available in your country (2.3.6 is also out, but only in a few selected countries).

        If you look in the battery stats, you will notice that the blue “awake” bar is not close to resembing the “screen on” bar, which means the device does not sleep when it is on stand-by. It more common to occur when the device has been connected to a PC and/or the device hasn’t been rebooted for a while.

        It should be possible to get 4 days out of the handset when using it as a semi-dumbphone with 3G, wifi & pushmail (I have a graph screenshop to prove this).

        Under medium use, 2 days is possible. Very heavy usage still gives you at least 24 hours. The list of events you have posted in you article should at least give you 24 hours or more of battery life.

        • Hi again. Thank you for your attempts at trying to resolve this. I seem to be up to date here in the UK with the O/S and was not aware that other countries had newer versions out just now. Let us hope for a new release if this does actually help matters.

          • Alain

            2.3.5 should be available in the UK through KIES (unless your operators locks it).
            As far as I know, Samsung doesn’t use the android update service in Europe so updates are only possible through KIES.

  • Glen

    I think your phone has a hardware fault, or an erroneous app that is keeping the phone awake continuously. My galaxy S2 last 2 days with the sort of use you are talking about in this article.

    That said, the earlier comments about it being fairer to compare your phone battery life with a laptop than and old nokia are entirely true.

    • Hey perhaps it does, though I doubt it. The comparison with old Nokia’s was journalistic license for effect, as I am sure you know really…;)

    • Hi. I know this Glen trust me, it is called journalistic license, and the article is not a technical one at all…;)

    • Muz

      I’m same as Glen.

      Battery 1.5 – 2 days.Did you charge it correctly when you first got it? And drain battery to 0 ? Repeating this the first few uses?This extends your battery life.Sounds like bad battery or you have a ton of apps going all the time in the background.Get an App Killer and then at least you will see a list of how many apps you have running to get an idea.

      • Yes, already mentioned, but thanks for your help…I can live with it by and large…just dont set me loose for over 8-10 hours without  a socket!

  • I have to agree with the comments. The article seems to be very against the Samsung S2 when its evident that all these phones have the same problem. Why not write an article on smart phones and their battery life in general instead of picking one phone out as it comes across very biased.

    A good example is that I just got my S2 a week or so ago and accidentally left my own old phone, the galaxy samsung tocco Lite – I didn’t have this on contract so didn’t have any apps connected to the internet (note this doesn’t use android anyways). It was left on for quite a few days 3 days upwards till I was awoken by the beeping of the phone battery dying.

    My point is that smartphones are always usually trying to connect to stuff: most people have them constantly trying to find out if they have new emails, sometimes from multiple sites, trying to find out if they have any new comments from multiple social networks and so on. All the pulling of data is definitely going to effect the battery life.

    Comparing a non smart phone to a smart phone is pointless. If anything the public is to blame because they demand all these new features before the technology is there to actually properly allow it yet phone manufacturers know if they don’t add the stuff in, the consumers will just go and buy the phone that does. It’s not about how reliable a phone is these days, but really how many features it has and that’s the problem as it forces the manufacturers to stuff phones to the brim. 

    • Oh come on now Peter, please read the context…I know full well that all smartphones have similar issues, thanks anyway for your comment….I stick by my points raised despite sounding a bit whiny…;)

  • Damage

    I’ve had my SGS2 since mid-October and until recently was able to get almost two days with light use.  All of a sudden, this week, I’m barely getting eight hours.  I don’t know what’s changed but it’s very frustrating.

  • Optimus x2

    I feel sorry for the article writer that has to deal with all of these intolerable children bickering and trying to discredit him. My Optimus x2 has the same issues, many other phones do as well save for the BlackBerry line. 

    These issues need to be addressed by all of the hardware manufacturers. 

    As for the author, check out the 3500mah extended life battery on ebay. It’s about $10 and can double, maybe triple your usage time. The only downsides are that the battery is third party (potential danger of fire/explosion etc) and the new cover included makes the phone about twice as thick. I purchased the same battery for my phone anyways….

    As for you kids, ease up on the guy. Android has ridiculous battery consumption and we shouldn’t have to tinker so much with our phone just to get a reasonable life out it.

    • Well thank you, cheers for the tip re: battery, most do not read, but hey, you put your head above the parapet your going to get shot……..we are tough from Yorkshire….;)

  • Guest

    I agree with both sides of this topic. If you go out and buy yourself a high-end, high-performance mobile device, as things are right now, you should not expect high-end battery life as well. But must this really be so? Is it not possible for manufacturers to produce batteries with a much better lifespan, even if they have to trade off a little on the size of the device? Let’s face it, a lot of us out here wouldn’t mind not having to charge their Galaxy S2’s twice a day if it means it’ll be a little bigger! I use a Blackberry Bold 3 right now, and I do mean USE it, in all it’s gloriously limited functionality, and I have to charge it everyday! I’d honestly rather not! On the other hand, after months of comparing and contrasting with other phones, I’m going to get myself an S2 this weekend, and articles like this one just break my heart.It breaks my heart that one would have such a bleak look on the S2, and it also breaks my heart that this look holds true for most smart phones. I’m a techy guy, so I understand that all the power that a smart phone packs will trade off on battery life, and I could extend this battery life by switching off some functions and mind which programmes are running all the time. And I love tinkering like that! It kind of adds to the ‘techiness’ of my gadget. But if my near-60 year old dad, in his attempts to stay youthful, decided to by himself this phone, I’d have daily migraines guiding him on how to extend his battery life! No one should have to go through that!

    • Hi and thanks for your reply….if it does not pass the mum or dad test, it need improving in my opinion.

  • Icykid

    You have to do some tweaking my Sgs2 lasts 12 to 18 hrs even longer if you arent doing anything no bs.
    1. GET JUICE DEFENDER APP this will drastically improve battery life
    2. Buy another OEM battery $40 and a cheap spare battery charger $15-20 (charge one battery while your using the other)
    3.turn your brightness down some 30% is decent
    4. Get the app no bars this will put ur phone in airplane mode for 10 mins when it can’t find reception for more than 1 minute saving ur phone from constantly searching in low reception then ten minutes later it cuts back on to check again pretty neat huh

    With these 4 things things 2 fully charged batteries I went 52 hours until I finally popped my battery into the spare battery charger

    • Thank you for the tips, shame you have to do this though…this is my point…juice defender helps a touch it seems though not gone pro….but my test is can your mum sort these things out…answer, no.

  • Thanks Alain, I missed this!

  • I agree with your article whole heartedly.
    I acquired a 3500ma battery for mine as soon as i got it.

    I have a simple solution to the battery issue, something for the manufacturers need to think about perhaps for futures ‘smart’ phones.

          HOT SWAP Batteries.

    This would be very easy to implement into new models and wouldn’t piss us all off when our phone dies and we have to wait for it to reboot.

    Why have no manufacturers ever thought of this!

    I can’t even swap my battery over when its plugged in to the wall.

    Come on guys, innovate…

  • Jsmooth

    Download 2x Battery App. LIFE SAVER

  • Anonymous

    Switched from galaxy s2 to iPhone 4s and despite all the controversy about its battery life, the iPhone 4s’s battery life is so much better than my Samsung galaxy s2. While I prefer android’s freedom over apple’s control and the larger screen, they need to do something about the battery life and the touch controls on iPhone is more accurate IMO.

  • Bram Voogel

    Just because you are using a smartphone does not mean you are a smart user….

    There is many articles that describe how you can save your battery and still use your phone in a smart way. So I suggest you read it before you post a dumb article like this. 

      • Bram

        Yep, nice article, but I have read better 🙂

        • Then do the honourable thing and share if you can…;)…I am all ears and eyes.

    • And you believe it is acceptable to buy a device that should work out of the box and assume we all have time to then scour the internet to make it work properly, after admitting that “smart”phones do need help with their battery?……Are you smart Bram? Really?

      • Bram

        Yeah right, a smart phone is a very powerful device. It can do many things. But it does not mean that if you use everything at once for 8 hours a day that it will not use up your battery. I guess you don’ t have to be very smart to understand that. 

        It also does not mean that you do not have to educate yourself before you start using a powerful device like that. Samsung has included a widget that helps you to save your battery. It includes some tips on how to do this. 

        Don’t get me wrong, the Galaxy S2 is not perfect. I have problems with it rebooting itself and the quality of calls (echos). Also the synch software for this powerful device is really crap (Kies). But those are things that you would not expect from such a device and there is nothing really a thing I can do about it except asking a company to fix it. 

        • Hi Bram , it seems you are in basic agreement with the article, please understand I did not heavily use the phone at all in that 7-8 hours…cheers.

  • SC

    Mate, I got the Galaxy S2 just before Christmas so over the Christmas break used it HEAPS for text, facebook, general web surfing etc.  It lasted at least a day. At the end of the day I just plugged it in to charge overnight so it’s ready to go again, no problem. If you don’t like the battery life, get another phone. Otherwise, get over it and enjoy the S2 ya whinger…it’s FANTASTIC.

  • Smart phone these days are like mini laptop unlike the old claim shell phones.  You’re comparing apples to oranges, not to say that what you’re saying isn’t true.  The laptop has been out for decades and yet their battery life is still bad.   I too would hope that the vendors can come up with better battery technologies later.  You can hate the Galaxy S2 all you want and can go back to the claim shell days, have to take technology for what it is.

    • I agree essentially, but for the sake of thinness and weight we could actually enjoy a longer life for our smartphones.

  • Fithian

    Compared to my HTC Desire G7 the SGS2 battery is waaaaay better.
    The problem is battery technology can’t keep up with phone technology. Maybe they should sacrifice some of the screen space for a strip of solar cells.
    Anyhoo, it could be much, much better. Petition signed.

  • RiverMan5000

    funny! i have my sgs2 working perfectly and battery last for 2 days at most. i love games and play a lot on my s2. and i am talking High Definition games which eats up more power. how come i can still use my phone for almost 2 days. in fact when battery has 5% charge left.. i can still play music for 2 hours straight from my house back to the office. possibly what you guys have are factory defects. have it replaced! 
    i play online game on this phone too, WIFI + HD game at the same time = more power consumption. and guess what, the battery stays on for a day.. me and my friends play atleast 4 hours of online game on the phone.. and the still stays on for several hours. i guess i am lucky..

    • Perhaps things have improved on some models, I certainly hope so as mine needs to be plugged in all day to be honest.

      • Guest

        You are so witty! I was thinking about purchasing the s2 phone but after reading this blog, I may just wait and see…thanks for the info and more importantly the laughs 🙂

      • Richie

         Hi, They must have improved, I got mine in January and it lasts for at least 36 hours of medium to heavy use without charge. A vast improvement on the HTC Desire HD That I just changed from.

  • Man Up

    Absolutely ridiculous article. You use all of the phones features at once, and you’re upset that you only get 10 hours of battery life? If you can honestly say you haven’t so much as passed an electrical outlet in that 10 hours, then maybe the problem isn’t the battery life. It’s the laziness of the user.

    • Hi and thank you for not reading the article at all and making a nonsensical comment. “Man Down” perhaps would be more apt.

  • I’d have to agree with you on this one as I experience the same kinda thing with my S2, which I have actually exchanged TWICED.

    I switched from an iPhone 4 to the S2 and the battery life is atrocious compared to the iPhone unless I do A LOT of tinkering… closing down apps, dimming the display etc. and even after all that I might get an extra 1-2 hours at most. Then the phone goes dead flat by around 3-4pm.
    Whereas with my old iPhone would pretty easily last 2 days before dying. You ultimately don’t have to do anything. I leave the wifi, bluetooth, 3G, whatever on. It just manages all the connection automatically. You don’t need to close apps cause they basically close as soon as you leave them. They just seem to be shown running on the task switcher but basically they’re just icon markers.

    I know that the S2 obviously has a much faster processor than the iPhone (it does have a bigger battery as well) but even for general every tasks like email, web, maps, a bit of fB, etc. the S2 just doesn’t cut it in terms of battery life unfortunately. I can do the same thing with an iPhone anyways.

    Android’s ok but I think I’m gonna have to return my s2 and most likely go back to the iPhone since I got an Apple account with stuff on it. I switched cause I preferred the bigger screen, but now that i’ve tried it its not really that big a deal for me anyways, especially if it means pathetic battery life 🙁

  • nick

    My SGS2 has been going for 2 days and 8 hours on battery and still has 35%.
    When you received it, did you charge it for about 7-8 hours before turning it on? The battery needs to be charged through a full cycle for it to hit maximum capacity.

    • Hi and thank you for your advice, as it goes I did, but since this article I have written an article about how to get the best out of a smartphone battery in general, and this advice appears to be utter horse s***, what is more annoying is it perhaps makes battery life worse….but has been doing the rounds as “good advice” for years now….go read: http://www.mobileinquirer.com/2011/the-ultimate-guide-to-prolonging-smartphone-battery-life/ Thank you.

    • Myth number 2 – Priming batteries:
      This was
      also necessary for some (ones that did not have it done at the factory)
      Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydrate (NiMH) batteries which
      needed to be “primed” in order to ensure that the worked to their
      fullest, this meant that you needed to initially run the battery dead
      before charging it up.
      Li-ion in general (including Li-ion Polymers) do not need priming.

  • P4

    I don’t know how i got here, but is this for real? 143 comments because an author thinks a 1000 mha battery should last a week of porno surfing. A smartphone license maybe should be something to avoid all the insane spam of internet

    • Hi glad you found us and added your comment also….my Samsung has a much larger battery than the one you quoted, but thank you for adding your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    All the smart phones have the same problem with battery life. I’ve been asking around and even brand new the battery “life” is awful, making the things all but useless as a _mobile_ device. (apart from a mobile external battery!) Back in the flip phone days, companies could get away with long battery life because they can design in eventual failure as the little ribbon cable fails. With smart phones being “candy bar” phones, they design in short battery life – and most batteries can’t be changed bt the user. (think iPhone as the classic) I have an old candy bar phone from the “old days” of good battery life. It’s 7 years old and I get a WHOLE WEEKEND on a charge! I’m going to get a new battery for the antique phone to restore the original battery life, which was a WEEK on a charge.

    • Samsung have just announced they will indeed bring out smartphones that last a full day on moderate to heavy use in 2012…..a problem that can not be ignored?

  • Dan

    Should aim this article at phones in general, not sgs2. My sgs2 lasts all day, two days if i’m lucky. For me and my use (no juice defender or flashed roms, data and wifi on all day), this is fantastic. gps uses A LOT of battery as you should know. If you have it on through the day that would be a huge consumer of battery, also try un-installing Facebook and Google maps. They consume large amounts of battery also.

    • HI Dan, it kind of is really if you read it fully…not sure having your phone on during the day should be an issue do you?

  • Rajat

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy S II for 28k from a local dealer on the 20th of December 2011. Just one month ago. And to my torture I havent been able to use the phone in the right condition for a single day. Ive given the phone to the service center 5 times within this one month. Every evening they say that the phone is fine but it does not even switches on.

    The initial problem was with the mic. I used to get any call. I was able to hear the other persons voice but my voice was not audible at the other end. On googling it seemed a regular problem with this set so as suggested by other users i upgraded the firmware and other necessary softwares. None of this helped so i landed onto the service center. On Inspection they told me that the Mic for this handset is not functioning and will have to be replaced.

    They took a week to replace the mic. I got the handset that would switch off while working normally and didnt restart again. I charged the battery to its optimum level and the handset kept switching off again and again by itself.

    Went back again to the customer care. They said that the phone was not charged because there was a problem with the charging port. Corrected it back again and gave it to me.

    Next day the same problem. I took it back to the customer care center in patel nagar. Now they say that its a software problem. Upgraded all the softwares and gave it back assuring the correct working of the device.

    Overnight usage was diffucult. This morning have sent the device back to the service center with the same problem again.

    Now the service center guy says that i will keep the phone for 2 days and test and correct the problem if any.

    They still are not able to detect the issues with the set.

    I asked for the replacement of the device and the executive said that you can only get the device replaced within 4 days of your purchase and this device because it has already got repaired so many times will not get replaced.

    That’s what my samsung experience is. 28 k down the drain and worst device i have ever used.

    Planning to pick it up over the consumer court forum now.

    Rajat Arora
    [email protected]

    • Really sorry to hear your own thoughts and bad customer experience here. It sounds like you have had enough. Samsung meanwhile have announced that phones brought out in 2012 will last a full day on a full charge even with heavy usage! Let us know how you get on!

  • Pm0r9an

    I know this is an old thread but I stumbled across it as I just got my Galaxy S2 and just wanted to make a few observations.

    Maybe it’s my age but I remember being given a Motorola phone and 3 batteries for work to get me through the day. I remember my first Toshiba laptop with a pentium processor that could barely last 2 hours on its battery. My curent Samsung netbook has a battery pack twice the length of my Galaxy S2 and still only gives me 8hrs use. My desktop Intel i7 with high end graphics card needs a 600w PSU to give me the lovely un-interrupted application and gaming speed I need day to day to work and play.

    Somehow, we have ended up in a world where we expect something to do everything, fit in the pocket and only require re-fuelling every 1000 miles with no management and no responsibility.

    I once bought my mother a coffee maker, you know, water in the back, filter in the top, a couple of scoops of coffee and one button to push, a few minutes later, lovely coffee. She couldn’t work it to save her life, did she read the instructions? No. Did she ask for advice? No. Did she hide it away in a cupboard because she thought it was crap? Yes.

    Maybe it is because you sign up to a contract and you don’t see the £500 price tag of the technology you actually have that you don’t think you need to educate yourself on how to use it properly. Maybe you think that we are at a stage in our technological evolution that things should just work how we imagine they should and get frustrated when reality actually bites. 

    Perhaps your ideas of how a personal communication device should work come from Science fiction where electricity is generated by farting and you don’t pay a subscription because the economy is now based on cod livers or acai berries.

    Bottom line is that, personally, I plug my phone in every night and it’s fully charged in the morning. Probably the scenario of most smart-phone users. If I need to top it up because I played some Angry Birds on the train into work, I plug it in to the USB port on my PC and I am good to play some more at lunch. If I am going away for the weekend, I might take a spare battery. Like I would for my camera, or camcorder, or laptop, or torch/flashlight (if I was camping). This isn’t a survival tool, It’s a way over the top powerhouse pocket sized PC that any NASA astronaut would welcome aboard any spacecraft that lets you tweet and play games and check you email and see if you need an umbrella (without looking out the window) and occasionally call someone for a chat.

    When I am at my computer it sits idle, useless unless someone wants to talk, but even then, Skype could take care of that. My phone only rules on the train, the taxi and the pub.

    It’s not the messiah.

    • Hi.

      On the Motorola note, as an early adopter you can perhaps expect to do certain things to make it work when technology is in its infancy…I remember having to stop and start my spectrum 48k when loading games because you had to as it sometimes just did not work, would you want to do that now with your XBox?

      On to coffee analogy…sorry but it was crap…

      She should stick with tea and you should never buy mothers technology, silly you….;)

      Getting educated on using my/your phone:

      This comes naturally with any product you use day in day out, I just want it to last more than 7 hours, and with more than 150 comments on this thread no one has yet come up with any advice that has helped at all….this is a specific problem of current (2010/2011) smartphones end of story.

      My ideas of how a MOBILE phone should be used are this:

      Charge it at night and let me use the damn thing all day, do not make me carry spares (if I need them provide them) and do not force me to be by a power outlet to charge continually……if I am on it all the time fair enough it will need charging I expect that, but I was not at all heavy using the device in this case above.

      Luckily against your viewpoint Samsung have listened to this article, and the people in the petition, and other articles like it, and now state they will be bringing out smartphone devices that last a full day on one charge with moderate to heavy use in 2012…..now is this a stupid move or should we all just accept that smartphone batteries are rubbish?

      Truth is we never needed to have battery problems in the first place….it was just that size zero slim was cool

      Now take a look at the Motorola Razr Maxx coming out soon, beefy may be making a comeback….thank god, as it allows for…….da dahhh!…..a bigger damn battery…..and it is hardly going to be huge anyway.

      If manufacturers were not told we are annoyed you would keep seeing more tech pushed into smaller devices, when no one even wants this, we want phones to work, simple…size and speed are not an issue now, we have that power already, and devices that are fine as they are size wise.

      Please understand I am sticking up for you the consumer here, but being rational about it, I can not work out why people in any way think I am lazy or expect too much.
      I expect things to work better always, this is how we evolve surely?….There are obvoius overlaps when things do not catch up in any progressive industry, this is one, where Moores law kicks battery life in the ar*e and says catch up MoFo.


      If you have just got your Samsung S2 and stumbled upon this article, did you by any chance type in Samsung S2 battery life? As you were pis**ed off with how long it lasted?…:)

  • Someone

    I personally think you have some sort of application keeping the phone awake, or possibly have terrible signal with either your cell network or wifi/bt.

    Applications like ftp or web servers will eat your battery.

    I can rip through 70% battery on standby in like 6 hours if I leave my wifi on with 1 bar and “remote web desktop”. This, unfortunately, does not show up in the battery usage because it’s bit actually using the processor – just preventing it from sleeping. try removing applications that have the “wake lock” permission or at the very least, ensure they’re not running

    • Hi. I have tried so many methods I gave up, the fact is the battery is not large enough it really is that simple…!

      Samsung have taken note though, and for that I applaud them, so let us see if we can get a full days use as you WOULD expect for a mobile phone surely?…..please note I did not power use the device at all, apart from one spurt of GPS which was around 15 mins max (and intermittent)

      • Android

        interesting point i had the same problem with my s2 but i managed 2 fix it , download the app from the app market called battery calibration charge the phone 2 maximum click calibrate and then unplug charger . then yous the phone till it dies totally and charge it while its off it will charge completely then turn the device back on  i now get a full day out of the battery even wen i yous wifi and gps etc i havnt got less than 20 hours out of my battery so far , plus if u like u can buy a official  samsung battery upgrade which will give 2 or mare days on a single charge  

  • Someone

    “What happened to the Nokia’s that used to last 5 days with one half charge…”

    You don’t use an old phone like you would a smartphone. duh.

    You may want to pre download whatever you’re going to read on the train and enter aeroplane mode to save your battery.

    you don’t really mention how long your screen is on, nor how bright it is

    • Hi. This is a general moan I am afraid and one shared by many….interesting to note that Samsung are now making a HUGE point of releasing phones that last a full day. Perhaps you missed the main point of the article.

  • firzen_net


    • firzen_net


  • MrZ

    I use my SGS2 heavily, with frequent wifi use, frequent data use, occasional GPS use, occasional music use, and even some phone use. I get about a day and a half battery.

    The short response is, if you’re getting only 6 hours, it’s probably a user-related issue. (i.e., poorly configured)

    Maybe smartphone interfaces should be configured so as to make it a bit easier for average users to figure out how to workaround power consumption, but then they are “smart” phones.

    The more you do with a smartphone, the power you will consume. The important thing is to learn how to configure your phone to do less, but still achieve everything you want from it. Technology is a good thing – don’t be scared.

    • Hi. No configurations will help an under sized battery, trust me….Samsung know this and that is why they are now bringing out better (larger more than likely) batteries to last a full day on all 2012 smartphone models released, this is what the people want.

  • Michaeltcouey

    Samsung Has a case with an extended battery that will triple your battery life. Smartphones in general are lucky to hit 6-8 hours off a charge with usage like that. Sack up and put $50 on a case that gives you longer battery life.

    • Hi. Thanks I am aware of this option in fact there is a link in the article,

  • Guest

    All this talk about battery life is interesting.  I was searching the web trying to figure out wheather on not to buy the epic touch 2. Should I buy it? Would like to have opinions before i make my final decision.  I havent read much about poor battery life, however i have read about poor gps function. 

    • Hi. Quote from PC Mag:

      “Fast processor. Terrific screen. Great battery life.”

      ….maybe worth a punt looks like they improved the battery somewhat!

  • lmfao…. Buy a Nokia: the GPS works properly and the battery doesn’t die after a couple of hours.

    • I doubt this will happen but got to say the Lumia’s look nice, Windows O/S’s in general scare the sh*t out of me though….but have tried the Lumia and must say it feels sweet by and large.

  • Zachariah McCormack

    Laptop batteries only last roughly 6-10 hours with full usage of it’s operations (streaming movies, music, etc).
    So take into account its size. The battery is about the size of 3 iPhones on the average laptop.
    A smartphone that has the capabilities of a computer…maybe even more…that also takes into account cell service… its battery is tiny.
    If you want the battery to last all day – bring your charger with you. That’s what i do when i have to go to meeting, or if i am just out venturing the city. Chargers are smaller than the phone itself, which makes it just as ‘mobile’.
    Also, you’re not putting in AA batteries. The battery is rechargeable which means that the nodes wear quickly, and can only hold a certain amount of charge.
    If you want to continue to complain like everyone else – become an electronic engineer, learn about batteries and how something like roaming can DRAIN the battery, and fix it. Stop complaining about something for which you paid money without having any prior knowledge. Do research, then buy, and stop whining about a problem that has been in existence since video streaming capabilities were integrated into phones.
    If you can’t manage that, you can buy a pocket calendar, a simple phone with alarms that may be set, or even just a watch. If you need the internet, go to the library, or get a laptop.
    Be forewarned, though – LAPTOP BATTERIES ARE JUST AS WEAK.

    • Hi, I must clarify you on a few areas here as your comment shows that
      you have not taken the time to read around the site or the article in full.

      1, I usually take my charger with me, on this occasion it would have been completely useless which left me with no battery before the end of my day.

      2, I used it for 15 minutes on GPS, this is really not much, the rest of the time it was pretty much idle.

      3, The node topic seems a new one to me but I did write an article that
      you can find easily if you look to your right in the sidebar about
      improving your smartphone battery but you missed that one, in fact I
      have covered this topic on many occasions in depth, and dispelled a few
      commonly held misconceptions from “know it alls”.

      4, I do not buy that a phone should not last all day, currently they
      just need to put a bigger battery in (Droid RAZR Maxx) and this improves
      things by 2X as you would expect if you make it 2X the charge capacity.

      5, I never expect my phone to work like a laptop, this would obviously chew the battery to bits as you would expect, but do not sell me a phone that is all “whizz bang” and then allow it to under perform on basic tasks that kill the battery dead, it is a goddamn mobile phone, not an occasional device like a toy….come on.

      6, And at what point Zacharia do you tell me when and where I can and can not complain, surely you live in a free world as I do?

      And does complaining not often result in improvements for people in general. I was very balanced in what I moaned about, and after this I looked into it to produce an article that helps people…I make no bones about it, it was a big old dirty moan and one that has got nearly 30,000+ page views and growing so it has struck a chord globally, accept that please.

      7, Not once in the daily itinerary (which I assume you read) did I mention video, or streaming data apart from using GPS sparingly.

      8, And to cap off the reply, I have recently written an article about Samsung joining the “long battery life club” along with Motorola, in stating that all smartphones released in 2012 will indeed last a full day on a full charge with moderate to heavy use, thank god they listen to me and others like me and not people like you, otherwise we would still be peddling our cars with our feet.

      *A note to others who write ill informed replies trying to sound clever, please stop. I am getting tired of dragging the facts up when you can not be bothered to read, and have nothing constructive to say at all. Thank you.

      And anyone who capitalizes a reply at me will get shot down just like the Canadian did….;)

  • G Schaafsma1

    I get 24 hours easily on my sgs2. With moderate usage up to 36h max. I do admit that I have a rooted phone and am using a cpu app to decrease the amount of energy used while the screen is off.

    I do think that you need to be aware of the fact that you can’t have it all. It’s either performance or battery life. Compare it with a short track runner or a marathon runner..

  • Jackc_whufc

    I tried to sign this petition but then my battery…

  • jobs

    My friend use the juice defender  from anderiod market it will increase ur battery life to couple more hrs ,(FFFFFFFind solutions be smart like the smart phone). 

  • Anonymous

    just get the official samsung extended 2000mAh battery which will give you at least a full day of heavy use. best £28 i spent on the phone:)
    to expect a modern smart phone to compare with a classic nokia is hardly fair considering they have vastly more processing power, considerably bigger screens and all sorts of extra connections to support (gps, bluetooth, wifi, 3g etc)

  • Othomas12

    s practically useless…

  • Blabla

    Wifi and 3g are killers for your battery, switch them off as much as possible. If not used at all, you’ll do atleast 5 days with your battery.

  • battery guy

    I’m up to the neck in battery research at the moment. and very simply put, how much charge your battery can hold is related directly to how physically big your battery is. as of right now, there is no ‘miniaturisation’ technology for batteries. it simply depends on how much material there is.  the industry has been too hasty in porting over the tried and true technologies of desktop computing to mobile computing without proportionately scaling down power consumption.

    having said that, I realise us battery researchers aren’t making the innovations the public expects us to do. but believe me when I say that we’re all doing all we can.

  • V1legend

    I bought 2 extra batterys for my s2 costing 14.99, these battery came with a mains charger so I can charge them overnight. Having removable batterys makes the s2 battery life far superior to a device in which you cant remove the battery. And also it takes about 30seconds to change batteries and reboot. No need for all this moaning about battery life when its the reason many of my friends who were iphone users areswitching to devices with removable batteries

  • bingobango

    I can’t say that I know the problem with the s2 but I had a HTC running windows phone and the battery barely lasted a day. I then upgraded to an I phone 4s and the battery life is actually outstanding, if I don’t use it for GPS and only use it briefly to check email and the news then it will last 2 days. if I use it heavily it will still last to the  next morning without a second charge! I do know that I’m lucky to have such a good battery as this is my third and each one has had a different battery life!

  • 1234

    Driod RAZR Maxx.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Ivadebalf

    I’m an unsatisfied Samsung Galaxy S2 buyer. I also have experienced big problems with battery duration, and in that I think it’s a hole in the project specification of that phone. They can put int the phone a battery with more power even to the cost of add a littel weight. Samsung down..!!

  • Peter Giang

    I am just randomly browsing and came upon this while trying to address the battery drain issue on my friend’s SGS2 without flashing.

    From personal experience it is software from suppliers that heavily impacts on battery life. I myself own a plain old SGS that originally had battery life of maybe 12- 18 hours, this was on stock Vodafone ROM. After flashing it myself to custom developer roms or even the “pure” google rom my battery life increased vastly! Getting 1 – 3 days depending on my usage.

    I’ve read through your article and believe that the fault is with Samsung however everyone here seems to be missing the point. It’s not the phone that has issues, it’s the software that it comes packaged with. For example my friend’s SGS2 was lasting 2 days easily with moderate use, now with a software update that took optus forever to release the battery life has just gone down the dunny lasting a meagre 6 – 8 hours which I find appalling.

    At any rate there is my 2 cents. If you want to see performance improvement and battery life that should last at least a day then go custom, as long as carriers have it their way they are going to put crappy bloatware that will compromise battery life. I’m afraid my friend will have to move away from official updates… there seems to be no reasonable way, after all we buy a phone to use not to dim down the functions to nothing,

  • Jeremyr

    I had the same problem but mine happened overnight going from 15 hours of use to 8. After resetting my phone and not fixing I decided to send it in for a warranty repair. They have replaced the internal electronics and I am at 15 hours again. Maybe this is some kind of component problem with thiie galaxy s2. If I don’t use the phone I. Sure I could go three day however this never happens because I love it. Its my laptop I hate now issue issue issue..

  • The SatNav really drains the battery. Other than that though it has a much better battery than any of the HTC android phones i have had in the past (Magic, hero and Desire) I get a day and a half out of my Galaxy with general browsing, games and app use and the odd music playing. With the Desire i got approx 6 hours

  • Akkmok

    If you check the power usage, you will notice that usually about half the power went to the display. The bigger the screen, the worse it gets. And the light weight you enjoy so much really limits the size of the battery unless they can come up with new alternative power options.
    Some tips on saving power
    – Turn display brightness down to the lowest that you can live with
    – Turn on Data, Wi-fi and Gps only when needed
    – Turn off motion sensor
    – Set display to turn off faster

  • Dhinesh

    Hi guys better stop complaining about battery. I will tell you the trick. I got a wall charger with three additional batteries which just keeps charging battery all day. I always have a spare battery in my pocket and then one for present usage with the other getting charged.

    I have never charged my battery via phone and this system simply rocks. If you are so concerned use an app called Juice defender and your battery will last 2 days.

    Apps are now becaming very demanding and it is better to often tweak your phone and remove unwanted apps to get better efficiency.

    I love my galaxy s2 and no other phone can beat the functionality what I am enjoying out of this at the moment.

  • Tharindhu

    Hmm interesting topic . I bought my international galaxy s2 back in July 2011 and the battery lasts at least one and a half days with moderate use ? ( I only switch on data , GPS , WIFI & Bluetooth when needed though )

  • pat

    couldn,t agree with you more. I hate my Samsung mobile. I was so fed up with the last one I had I gave it away.