Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems Update

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems Update Fix

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems will be fixed with an update brought out by Nokia that will also bring some other improvements to the overall functionality and performance of the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone.

Nokia Ace On AT&T Rumor

AT&T Nokia Ace Coming Soon Rumor

Still waiting patiently for the arrival of the Nokia Ace on AT&T, well this picture may or may not prove that it is well on the way, though it is unclear what the model is and who created the photo!

Microsoft To Buy Nokia

Microsoft To Buy Nokia Rumor

Would a Microsoft buyout of Nokia make sense? Rumors are abound that Microsoft could be about to buy Nokia’s smartphone division, but Nokia are telling people that this is utter nonsense so who to believe? We take a look at all angels.

Nokia 900 Lumia US Release

Nokia Lumia 900 US Release

Will the US be getting there hands on a Nokia Lumia 900 series in early 2012? We take a look at a report by BGR that seems to indicate that this could be the case.


Nokia Lumia 800 UK Release

Nokia have left things for too long in the smartphone market, so will their new breed of smartphones based initially on Window Mango be a success on a soon to be defunct O/S or will the relationship bring in the bacon?

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets?

Nokia Produce Windows Tablets: Big news in Nokia land in the last few days with the arrival of their new Nokia/Windows smartphones coming in the form of the Lumia Series. So what next for the…

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