Samsung Promise All Day Battery For 2012 Smartphones

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All day batteries promised by Samsung:

It has to be said that battery life on smartphones appears to be a very divisive issue among tech heads.

And woe betide the man who moans about smartphone battery life……as he usually then gets told to search long and hard for applications, settings, additional replacements etc etc, to make sure that the device works for more than 7 hours of average use, because of course that person would be stoopid to even think about getting a days battery life on such a device in 2012 and beyond.

Samsung Battery Life
Samsung Battery Life

Battery Life:

Coming back to that particular article by that particular person which so far has some 25,000 + pageviews and growing since the end of last year.

Could it be that Mobile Inquirer has helped the average Joe get a much needed (IMHO) smartphone battery victory and force manufacturers to really think long and hard about improving smartphone battery life on their devices.

Well one thing is for sure, it is no longer seen as a “non issue” as Samsung have done the decent thing and said they will provide batteries in their 2012 stock that will last for a full day of moderate to average use.

Talking at CES and to CNET, Kevin Packingham, vice president of product innovation at Samsung says:

“When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don’t want you feeling anxiety about your battery life,”

Th reason behind the drain is obvious, we have dual/quad core beasts lurking below our mm thick bright large screened devices that are often connected to the power hungry 4G LTE networks, and stream video, constantly updated notifications on social networks/email etc, and yes, as a result, these monsters need feeding power regularly.

Mobile Inquirer fights and wins?

This is what we said to device manufacturers and many of you have so far signed it so please add yours still.

Smartphone Battery Life Problems Petition
Smartphone Battery Life Problems Petition
[emailpetition id=”1″]

Currently one way around the issue:

Sacrifice size of device and slap in a bigger battery.

This was part of the petition I set up on my flagship article moaning about battery life on my Samsung S2, and it was designed to genuinely make manufactures think more about designing slightly thicker phones, as no one I know cares one jot that the phone is so slim it has to be coupled with a pathetic battery that doe snot provide juice for a full day.

Motorola attempted to resolve this is by bringing out a “Maxx” version of the Droid Razr, slightly thicker and therefore heavier and with a more substantial battery, it was a no brainer to me and so many others….we the consumer are not bothered about a few mm’s on our phone just make it bloody well last a day please.

Packingham has said that Samsung will also move to larger batteries for now and will continue to look at ways to optimize their devices and come to grips with issues that cause battery drain on smartphones.

We have provided a couple of articles on how to improve your battery life and how technology may help in the future and they can be found below:

The Ultimate Guide To Prolonging Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone Battery Life Increased Ten Times Using Graphene

In the interview Packingham said that 2011 was a transitional year and went on to say that Samsung would be refining their devices for 2012 and bring about the quality that people perhaps expect more of from the high end device manufacturer with so much promise, just dont laugh at their “delisted” first adverts for the Samsung S2 here!

Anthony Munns