Editorial Policy:

Mobile Inquirer focuses on news related to mobile technology, from rumours to industry reports, in-depth analysis to opinion we instil a certain work ethic from all our reporters that in turn leads to a more rewarding experience for our visitors and subscribers, we also like to add a touch more personality than most related sites.

Areas we report on:

We currently report on Wireless/Mobile Technology, Internet, Gadgets, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and other related areas.

So why was Mobile Inquirer born?

Mobile technology gives rise to the most pervasive tool-set the human race has ever had the opportunity to use, this is the most exciting time for technology, as the human world is empowered by digital devices and communication tools.

I felt that it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn and share news on this world changing technology that in my opinion will bring about more seismic shifts to our world than the car or TV ever brought us, for good and bad!

Mobile Ubiquity:

Not only is mobile technology used in your phone which you now take everywhere, it is also being added into tablets, tracking systems, and obviously notebooks, computers and laptops as well as a growing range of readily available items in your home and elsewhere.

The fact that we are only at the beginning of this relationship means we have a lot to learn about how we can use the technology to enhance and help our every day lives, we hope to touch on the human side of this technology when and where it feels right.

So who is the site aimed for?

Mobile inquirer was born to ask questions and to educate interested parties in how we can, and will, use mobile technology.

We concentrate on the social aspect of mobile technology and bring you news and reports that will interest mobile technology professionals and consumers alike.

With a healthy balance of human interest, marketing and technology focused articles we please the following:


  • Mobile industry professionals
  • Technology professionals
  • Casual readers
  • Students