AVID Studio App For iPad

Avid iPad Application

Avid App For iPad: Anyone familiar with non linear editing (NLE) for video on Apple Macs and PC’s will have probably heard of AVID, and in my opinion a f**** nightmare to use and totally…

Datawind’s Cut Price Aakash Tablet Is Huge Hit In India

Demand High For Low Cost Aakash Android Tablet

The Aakash tablet from UK based Datawind is in such high demand that the company behind the cut price tablet are said to be creating three more factories to keep up with demand. And were warned they were under attack on the first day of selling the tablet online.

Mini iPad Release Date

Apple To Release Mini iPad

Apple look set to be offering fans a smaller mini version of their hugely popular iPad, but what will be the compromise in terms of size and functionality?

iPad 2 Top 5 Accessories List

Top 5 iPad Accessories And Gifts

iPad accessories are all the rage once you have gone deep into Apple land and realised that there is so much more that this tablet can do than simply pinch and grab it! We give you the low-down on the top 5 accessories for you to consider buying to improve your Apple iPad’s functionality and protect it a little more.

iPad 3 February 2012 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Launch Date February 2012

It would appear that Apple may be releasing the iPad 3 early, having sorted the retina display manufacturing issues out, but is a February launch date still a little optimistic for Apple lovers out there? And is March a more likely date.

HP To Make WebOS Open Source

WebOS Offered To Open Source Community

When HP bought Palm and acquired WebOS for $1.2 billion in July 2010, the developer community never expected that their tablet and smartphones would flop so badly or that they would end up offering their WebOS operating system out as open source in just over a year.

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