Apple App Store Blocked To Expats

App Hustling – Apple Will Not Accept Expat Credit Cards

Are you an expat who wants to access the apple app store with your credit card now you have bought an iPad or iPhone but you are not allowed access to the app store due to issues with addresses on your card and bank details, read on for advice, you are not alone.

HR 1981

SOPA Now Dead Hail The Rise Of HR 1981

With SOPA being dropped for now and another bill called HR1981 taking its reigns under the pretense of “saving the kids”. This new bill looks more likely to hurt your privacy than SOPA, we examine what it is all about and why Senator Lamar Smith needs to keep imposing more Draconians spy tactics on US citizens.

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website After Megaupload Faces FBI Wrath

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website Retaliation At Megaupload It has been confirmed by myself that Anonymous have indeed taken down the DOJ website as reported on The Next Web. It would appear that Universal music…

Wikipedia Goes Black

SOPA Blackout Wikipedia Goes Black In Defiance At The SOPA Bill

The global SOPA Blackout aims to highlight the chilling effects a bill like this would have on the internet as a whole. We give our support to those who stand defiant against the freedoms of the current internet and ask for alternatives to be discussed other than draconian measures that will help no one at all.

UK Government Criticised Over Slow 4G Auction

Labour Criticise UK Government Over 4G Auction

The 4G spectrum auction in the UK has been delayed for a long time now. With networks and governments being slow to bring anything closer to a sale, criticism is directed at these parties over the delayed introduction of 4G to the UK with associated lost revenues for the UK taxpayer.

Apple Release Supplier Audit Information

Apple Disclose Suppliers

Apple have audited some 229 companies in their supply chain in 2011 and released the documentation to settle fears that Apple do not care about their supply chain employment conditions.

Kodak Sue Apple And HTC

Kodak Sues Apple And HTC – More Troubles Brew

Kodak are annoyed with Apple and HTC and have submitted legal lawsuits that claims that their patents on certain imaging technology have been used without licensing and therefore constitute patent infringements. But with the NYSE threatening to delist the company, something even worse is going on at Kodak, we take an in-depth look at the fall of the once mighty imaging giant.

Kodak File For Bankruptcy And Go For Chapter 11

Kodak To File For Bankruptcy

Kodak the once great imaging and technology company who invented the worlds first digital camera, look set to file for bankruptcy according to the Wall Street Journal. We examine the downfall of a tech giant.

Apple Win HTC Ban

Apple Win Ban On HTC Imported Phones From April 2012

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has brought about a ban on HTC models that impinge on a certain Apple patent. The ban will cone into effect in early 2012, but will it actually make any difference to HTC who said they will just amend their design before the ban comes into force?

BT Sue Google Over Patents

BT Sues Google Over Patents

BT sues Google, yes Google are under attack from BT after yet another technology company enters the legal landscape and attacks the big G over alleged patent misuse and theft. What will be in store in 2012 for litigation in mobile land?

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