iPad 3 Amazing Battery Life But How

Apple iPad 3 – Huge Battery 10 Hour Target

Apple’s new iPad 3 will feature a battery that offers nearly twice the power of the iPad 2 and it will need it. But how have they done this and will it really last that magic 10 hour mark that Apple want to offer all iPad’s

Droid Razr Maxx Your Answer To Smartphone Battery Problems

Droid Razr Maxx Battery Life

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx will see battery life extended to a full day or so the claims from Motorola suggest, we take a look at the move and ask will this be the start of better battery life for consumers?

Graphene Will Improve Smartphone Battery Life Up To Ten Times

Smartphone Battery Life Increased Ten Times Using Graphene

Graphene seems to have the answers to everything, here we look at some amazing research that suggests that scientist and engineers will be able to create a smartphone battery that will be able to last ten times longer and charge up to ten times quicker, all with a little help from Graphene.

iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

Sick Of Apple iPhone 4S Battery Problems?

Annoyed that your iPhone 4S’s battery life does not give you full access to your new smartphone for a full day? Have your say in this article and let us tell manufacturers that a poor battery or issues with the operating system that cause battery life issues is not good enough.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Google have dropped support of adobe flash in their new operating system “Ice cream sandwich” so will the new galaxy nexus suffer from the perceived brand new world of HTML5 as it is still quite new in terms of adoption and sophistication?