Apple TV v’s Google TV

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Mobile TV is in the news again:

Well we have already discussed Google TV yesterday and their new relationship with Samsung, so now it appears to be Apple in the limelight with regards to the next generation of TV.

Apple TV upgrade and iPhone 5 for 2012:

2012 could be a big year for Apple if this rumour is to come true, as it appears that Apple could be releasing the new iPhone 5 and also pushing their Apple TV project into new territory with the release of an actual TV unit.

Apple TV production:

Apple TV made by Sharp 2012
Apple TV made by Sharp 2012

If sources are to be believed, then the rumour that Apple will start to manufacture an Apple TV set as early as February 2012 with Japans’ Sharp as their manufacturers of choice. This would mean that 2012 is set to be the year of the internet TV.

Jobs wanted to reinvent three things:

Walter Isaacson, the man responsible for writing Steve Jobs’s biography has stated that Jobs had 3 products that he wanted to reinvent:

Television, textbooks and photography.

Arguably he achieved one of these in the iPad, and perhaps sowed the seed for a new breed of television, and in ways photography has changed with the adoption of smartphones and tablets prompted by the arrival of the iPhone and iPad, but perhaps changing photography will not be his legacy as in quite the same way as he would have perhaps hoped….but perhaps TV will, if Apple get this right.

Siri and iSeries controller:

With the race to work out what functionality this new breed of television will have, it can be expected that the Apple sets will probably use Siri as a means of controlling the device much like X-box users can do already.

A war will be on for gaining first mover advantage and the landscape looks likely to replicate the smartphone and tablet market with an Android based O/S (Google TV) going head to head with Apple TV running a version of iO/S so delivering content using their own operating systems.

Now I wonder of Amazon are looking to make any aggressive moves like they have done with their Kindle Fire on the tablet market!

Anthony Munns