iPhone 5 Release Date 4th October

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iPhone 5 Release Date In October:

Well I have had the misfortune of once again getting lured into a Mashable article to find that as expected, it contained around 150 words of pure averageness relating to the release date of the iPhone5. There really is no accounting for the tastes of vast swathes of people who are regular readers of such tripe, but hey-ho such is life….But bloody hell, 3500 re-tweets or something silly!…My god I am doing something wrong…..but I shall not be budged.

So getting back on track.

It appears that the release date of the iPhone 5 will be some time in early October, with reports stating that it could be around the 4th at one of their regular yearly shindigs where they release something of importance to the world….in this case not a cloned Steve Jobs, but more likely a rather average set of improvements to the iPhone 4.

What to expect?

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date
Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

Well with a new CEO in Steve Cook, you will not be getting that all too familiar Jobs shuffle on stage. But what of the device? And is it really Cookies or rather still Jobs latest child from the revolution he spawned?

iPhone 5 A5 processor and Qualcomm chips:

With Apple and Samsung at loggerheads over patents, it seems likely that Apple will ditch the current Samsung made processors for their new smartphones. Instead going for the powerful dual core Qualcomm chips that offer serious speed (often at the cost of battery life). Will the iPhone 5 bring in comparable speeds and improve the life of its batteries compared to its competitors?

Likelihood for speed and processor improvements stated above 4/5

Likelihood of battery life being improved drastically 2/5

iPhone 5 new design:

New design – Wall street journal report that they have seen the new iPhone and can confirm it has a new design with a metal back, the WSJ again reports that the design will be thinner and lighter.

Likelihood of design changes 4/5

iPhone 5 Near Field Communication:

Near Field Communication (NFC) will play a part in mobile devices of the future and it looks likely with the appointment of a guy called Benjamin Vigier, who is now Apple’s new Mobile Commerce Manager that NFC will play a part in the new design especially as Google’s Android have made it part of their O/S in 2.3 Gingerbread.

This will mean that your lovely new iPhone 5 will be able to make payments as a virtual credit card, I want to see how this rolls out in time and if it will speed up things, or if technology needs to move on further before it becomes truly functional, but now is the time for NFC and Apple I think will pick this up and run with it in its iPhone 5.

Likelihood of NFC? – 3/5

iPhone 5 8 megapixel camera:

In an interview with the Wall street journal, Sony CEO Howard Stringer has made it clear that since Japan suffered the tsunami, OmniVision who were the usual company assigned to deliver the glass for their cameras has had trouble with it’s manufacturing arm, as a result Apple have reputedly sought Sony out to deliver the new iPhone 5 camera glass.

Likelihood of a 8 megapixel camera? – 3.5/5

So are you excited about this new arrival or has it been so long coming that you have got a bit bored and actually moved onto a new Android based device like myself, so will have to wait for the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 6/7 before even getting close to having a chance to change devices after my 24 month agreement is up….I am not paying £4-500 for it that is for sure even if it does sport a holographic image of Steve Jobs at my request telling me, “You did good lad!”

Anthony Munns