iPad Dropped From Space Survives!

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iPad dropped from space:

We have already heard about the iPad that got dropped from the plane and survived:

Well now those guys at G-Form had to go one level further and have taken an iPad to space to see if your average punter on his usual days travels will have his device saved from doom should he forget to hold on to it while orbiting earth for the crack.

iPad Dropped From Space Survives
iPad Dropped From Space Survives

So here is proof positive that G-Form do indeed make some seriously hardcore protection cases for your iPad and other devices, nothing like an extreme way of making a point to get the message across.

Some have commented on how they got this iPad to land on its side, pointing out that if it landed screen side down it would have almost definitely shattered, but hey let us be honest, the thing got dropped from space and still worked….surely that is enough.

Nice one lads!

Anthony Munns