iPad Banned In China

Could The iPad Be Getting Banned In China?

Apple could lose the right to sell their iPad in the country that they use to manufacture most of the device, is this sweet irony or is there another reason why they have pulled the iPad from Amazon China?

Apple App Store Blocked To Expats

App Hustling – Apple Will Not Accept Expat Credit Cards

Are you an expat who wants to access the apple app store with your credit card now you have bought an iPad or iPhone but you are not allowed access to the app store due to issues with addresses on your card and bank details, read on for advice, you are not alone.

Apple Publish Record Profits

Apple Publishes Record Profits For 2011

Apple are doing very well indeed: Apple have just published record profits for 2011, even in the face of naysayers who reckon that Android is finally catching up and Amazons Kindle Fire is picking off…

Akai MPC Fly For Apple iPad

Akai MPC Fly Review iPad Beats On The Fly

The Akai MPC Fly has arrived for the Apple iPad and from watching the advert I have to say I am very impressed. We take a look at the tablet version of a classic portable music production tool.

iPad Dropped From Space

iPad Dropped From Space Survives!

Can an iPad survive being dropped from space? G-Form have proven that an iPad that is dropped from the edges of space can indeed survive the fall so long as the device has a protective case unsurprisingly made by the firm dropping it.

Mini iPad Release Date

Apple To Release Mini iPad

Apple look set to be offering fans a smaller mini version of their hugely popular iPad, but what will be the compromise in terms of size and functionality?

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