Starbucks Release UK App For iPhone and iPad

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Starbucks aims to become a tech lovers watering hole of choice:

Pocket-lint has reported that Starbucks is to add to it’s current technology offering on UK shores by allowing users of iPhones and iPads the option to pay for their Coffee via an app once it is released.

This will be on top of introducing a version of iTunes “pick of the week” in shops, and free Wi-Fi for its patrons.

Starbucks UK App
Starbucks UK App

I have covered a similar app when Pizza Express rolled out their new payment options via an application way back in the middle of 2011, so it is not like Starbucks are blazing a trail here, and in all honesty I fail to see just how much more convenient or indeed cool it would be to pay for your coffee using an app in many situations.

However it appears that Starbucks are listening and the people, they want apps.

Busy shop means queuing:

I must admit it is fair play if your local Starbucks is a nightmare to get served in and this is your coffee shop of choice. I am pretty impatient myself when push comes to shove, though I must admit that removing human interaction more and more actually makes me slightly worried about where the “human condition” may develop in the near to distant future…..”Ahhhhhhh it has real hands and talks just like me!”


In terms of the technology used to work the app Starbucks decided against NFC right now as they did not want to wait and instead had a custom built application that provided users the ability to pay for their goods. Apparently the one touch app will allow you to make that all important coffee purchase in 10 seconds, which seems pretty quick to me.

Brian Waring, VP of Marketing & Category for Starbucks UK and Ireland states:

“We wanted to find a way for [our customers] to pay in the quickest way possible, because our customers want it, we have created our own custom-built mobile payment technology rather than waiting for the near field communication technology which is currently not widely available, we’re always thinking of new ways to add value to our customers and give them more reasons to choose Starbucks.”

Android version?

There is no talk on when or if an Android version will appear but I am sure if it proves to be a success like many retail apps have been, then it will not be long before the Android version appears.

Anthony Munns