Galaxy Nexus US Release Date 15th December

Galaxy Nexus Final Release Date Update

Could the 15th of December finally be the release date of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus on US shores? A leaked picture from Costso would suggest that the device is pretty damn close to launch.

New Prada LG Smartphone Release

LG Prada Release New SmartPhone

Version 3 of the LG Prada smartphone range will be due out in January, we take a look at a sneek preview of the device and see if it is worth considering as a phone.

Starbucks Release UK Apps For iPhone and iPad

Starbucks Release UK App For iPhone and iPad

Do you ever feel like you want to pay less time queuing when you order and pay for your coffee at Starbucks? A new application out for the iPhone and iPad aims to cut your waiting time to ten seconds for payment of your bill.


iPhone 5 Release Date 4th October

iPhone 5 Release Date In October: Well I have had the misfortune of once again getting lured into a Mashable article to find that as expected, it contained around 150 words of pure averageness relating…