AT&T New Data Plans For US Customers

AT&T New Data Plans

From Sunday all AT&T customers on data plans will have the option of keeping their existing plan till it ends or going for an updated pricing model that could save or cost you more, learn more about it all here:

Carrier IQ Sees Class Actions Brought Against Them In Delaware Court System

Carrier IQ Lawsuits Grow

Carrier IQ and companies that used their software, are under attack for breaching civil liberties and taking privacy matters in their own hands. We learn a little more about the company and find out how the legal landscape is shaping up now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

O2 Trial 4G In London

O2 4G Trial Hits London

London: o2 are to trial a new high speed 4G network which everyone hopes will be perfect for the future as mobile grows ever more demanding on data connections.


The Real Cost Of Social Media Disasters

Social media costs businesses up to $4 million a year: After an earlier report about the UK Ministry of defence creating a series of videos aimed to educating forces staff on the dangers of updating…


EU Data Roaming Charges To Be Reduced

Ever had the bill from hell when data roaming has been left on while abroad without you realising? Data roaming charges in Europe to be cut: Having just returned from a fleeting busman’s holiday within…