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Nokia Windows Phone Due Q4 2011

Nokia Windows Phones Due Date: It would appear, according to Nokia’s twitter account, that the arrival of the much anticipated Nokia/Windows phones will be sometime around Q4 2011 with the main bulk of arrival due…

Mobile Payments Infographic

Mobile Payments Infographic: I came across a really useful illustration that explains some of the differences between the offerings that companies deliver in terms of mobile payment systems. It is quite useful to learn the…

Windows Mango Facebook Integration

Windows Mango With Facebook Microsoft are putting a lot of hope in the hands of Mango, they have largely failed to set the smartphone market alight with Widows 7 so far, and they are needing…


EU Data Roaming Charges To Be Reduced

Ever had the bill from hell when data roaming has been left on while abroad without you realising? Data roaming charges in Europe to be cut: Having just returned from a fleeting busman’s holiday within…

Google+ App Update

With Google+ still in test mode after its initial launch this week, the new social network already has a huge global interest and followers. Google+ Android App Update As Google obvioulsy own the Android app…

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