Meizu MX Smartphone Launches In China and Hong Kong

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Meizu MX Smartphone Launches:

Have you ever heard of Meizu?

Probably not, unless you live in, or come from, China or Hong Kong, and then you may well be aware that this manufacturer of rather sexy looking smartphones has just added another device to its range.

Who are Meizu?

Meizu Headquarters
Meizu Headquarters

Established in 2003, Meizu’s founder has been a keen tech lover for all his life, the company ethos quoted below shows the intriguing take they have on the corporate technology world:

In some ways, people are like computers with the similar configuration. Running at full capacity likewise, the computational load of those keeping a single task is far beyond that of those multitasked, ending and starting processes continually. Only when people remain devoted, we may suppress complicated interference, strive for our devotion consistently, and create greater value and wealth. The constant devotion is the dream!

So why was Meizu created?

Meizu was created for the dream. Devotion, perfection, concentrative and long-term pursuit shall bring out exceptional dream works of commercial products. Everything about Meizu shall transcend conventionality and imagination!

Now call me facetious but I genuinely love to read slightly “off” English translations of big corporate statements, they sound so cute dont they!

So why MX?

In keeping with the aspirational blurb above, the reason Meizu called the phone MX is actually because it is using the first two letters of the Chinese word for “Dream”, “Meng Ziang”.

Android based smartphone for Chinese market:

The new Meizu smartphone will be running Android and will feature a Exynos processor, with 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage capacity. The display is a decent sized 4 inches with a resolution of 960×640. It has an 8 megapixel camera that also offers panoramic shots. They also offer their own version of the Apple iCloud in FlyMe, though it does state on their website that this is only currently available in mainland China.

Meizu MX Launches - China - Hong Kong
Meizu MX The iPhone Killer Launches in China and Hong Kong

Queues of people waited for its launch:

In scenes reminiscent of popular Samsung and Apple product launches, there were queues of people waiting outside stores in some of the major cities in Hong Kong and China, all waiting to get their hands on the new Meizu MX device.

In fact the smartphone is so popular that it is genuinely seen as a fully blown iPhone rival in China and Hong Kong, and with specs to match, we can see why. I for one am always quite excited when a relatively new player enters a market with something worthwhile.

I wonder what Meizu’s plans for smartphone launches further afield are?

Anthony Munns