Rumour – Intel To Release Tablet Chip

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Intel to get back into smartphone and tablet chip manufacturing:

Where the hell have Intel been in the last 4 years as smartphones and tablets dominate conversation and peoples lives?

Well the answer would appear to be working out a way to compete with UK outfit ARM who have carved themselves a niche so successfully that Intel have been subdued in this particular device market.

Intel Tablet Chip Release
Intel Tablet Chip Release

So it seems that “reliable sources” from Digitimes have claimed that Intel are in fact developing chips that will be used in tablets with the intention to get back into such a huge and growing market as soon as possible.

The question remains if they are looking to get into the smartphone chip market as quickly?

A Digitimes source states:

“The launch of new tablet processors from Intel aims to take on ARM’s CPUs, especially in terms of thermal design power (TDP) and performance.”

How quickly will Intel release there tablet chips?

Intel are said to be releasing the following models:


  • 14nm Airmont
  • 22nm Silvermont
  • 2nm Saltwell

And it is stated that this will be over the course of the next three years which is quite a long time to count on things not changing in the world of technology and chipsets, but we assume Intel now know what they are doing long term, even if they have missed out on nearly half a decade of tablet and smartphone chip sales!

Anthony Munns