Rovio Turned Down 2.25 Billion Takeover From Zynga

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Rovio rumoured to have turned down a huge amount of cash from rivals Zynga:

The New York Times have revealed in a report that Rovio have turned down a stupidly large amount of cash for their company, madness or wise owls, birds…whatever?

With Rovio’s insane Angry Birds series making the company a cool fortune in the last two years or so.

Rovio Turned Down Billions From Rival Zynga
Rovio Turned Down Billions From Rival Zynga

The success of both Rovio and Zynga as software producers is largely down to their games social appeal, but in the case of Angry birds it was also perhaps a simple, fun and cutesy idea executed with aplomb, much like Tetris in its day….and well know cutesy makes a good film…etc etc!

With Zynga being extremely quiet about what went on, in what is being described as a pre-IPO “lip-sealed” period, no one at Rovio can confirm the story either, though the New York Times has suggested three sources that were “briefed on the situation” in an aim to add validity to the story.

Zynga fail to acquire other game companies:

It would appear that Zynga are not very good at acquiring other companies either after there failed attempt to get hold of PopCap Games who create Plants V’s Zombies and Bejewelled, in this case PopCap rejected a sum of $750 million, though in their case getting snapped up by EA for around $1 billion shortly after means that they made a very wise choice.

Rovio intend to go even bigger with the overall brand with ambitions on becoming a full on media company that will probably look to incorporate many more media entertainment conduits than just applications and games.

Zynga and Rovio a good match?

There may be many reasons not to join forces from Rovio’s point of view in relation to there core business models.

Where Rovio go cutesy and social, Zynga sway a little more into the “gangster” territory, with more adult based revenue models based on casino games and such like with the added area of “virtual currency”. There also appears to be a pretty tough “go get em” culture at the “darker” of the two companies. This may not have sat well with the Rovio board who see a perhaps slightly different future.

Anthony Munns