Why smartphones are perfect for online casinos and slot sites

The smartphone is now the most popular medium for online gamblers. In many ways, your smartphone is ideal for playing your favourite slot or casino game. Here are just some of the reasons why a third of punters prefer their smartphone to any other online gaming platform…

It’s convenient

Arguably the biggest factor in your mobile’s favour is just that – it’s mobile! You can play whenever and anywhere you want, provided you have an internet connection. If you play on sites like Play Cosmo you don’t even need internet access. Instead, just download the app and hone your skills on the free-play games when you can’t find a 4G or Wi-Fi signal.

Even if you’re at home, the smartphone is the easiest and quickest way to get started – or carry on playing – the casino game of your choice. Just pick up the phone, tap the app icon, or go to the website and start playing. By contrast, laptops are heavier and slower to turn on.

Tablets do have larger screens, which many see as their main advantage over smartphones. Yet they are also more cumbersome. Plus, screen size is becoming less of an issue as smartphone screens begin to hit the 7-inch mark.

Many see smartphones as essential devices that they take everywhere. Of course, their smaller size makes it more convenient to do so.

It costs less

Most desktop computers cost between £300 and £2000. Smartphones are generally cheaper, ranging from £100 to £500. Plus, many phones come free with monthly contracts. This makes the mobile handset a more affordable way to enjoy your favourite casino games or slots.


Last year, a Venture Beat article predicted that mobile graphic capabilities would soon surpass those of consoles. For years, better graphics and higher speeds have been the key advantages of desktops and consoles over smartphones – but not anymore.

The latest smartphones have stunning graphics, allow you to enjoy live dealer casinos and talk with other players with next to no latency. Smartphones now give you everything you need for a truly immersive gambling experience.

More creative

Many operators make slots and casino games especially for smartphones. The low cost of developing the titles translates to a huge variety of games to choose from. And since it is faster and cheaper to produce mobile slots, operators tend to try out new concepts more readily. The result of this is a remarkable level of creativity that just didn’t exist prior to the smartphone.


Mobile phones first existed purely as a means of talking with others while on the move. When smartphones came along, they added gaming to the mix. This makes the modern handset perfect for reaching out to other players, despite the fact many see them as unsociable. Use your smartphone to share banter, post screenshots and seek advice on social media or forums before, after, or even during your game.



Editorial Staff