Real-money games are being formatted for smartwatches

The Rise of Gambling on Smartwatches

The idea of smartwatch gambling was initially unveiled in the early part of 2014 at the yearly Mobile World Congress, and it is safe to say it has been gaining popularity, and traction, ever since.

Gambling software companies like Playtech, and betting operators like Ladbrokes are producing gambling and wagering applications for Android and Apple iOS watches, and Microgaming is ensuring it is not left behind as these devices are more widely released and easily accessible for John and Jane Average.

Overview of Games Available on Smartwatches

Currently, there is only really a selection of real money slots available for these devices, although this will change, and soon. The first of these games playable now is the classic Thunderstruck, one of Microgaming’s most famous, and you can enjoy it stripped down to its barest elements in order to render it playable from your wrist. It certainly manages to pack in all of the same action you may have enjoyed on other platforms.

The only thing smartwatch-friendly pokies have is the name of the game, the reels, and a button which outlines your balance and the amount of money you wish to bet. All the frills have been removed, and only the most vital info remains on your screen, with every available pixel devoted to the game itself.

In addition, Microgaming developed their well-liked but now discontinued Dark Knight Rises for smartwatch formats too, originally designing it officially for the Samsung Gear 2. Despite no longer being available, this game remains one for the very first internet-based pokies ever created for the device.

Whether you enjoy online pokies in NZ or slots in South Africa, the advent of wearable gambling technology is going to be music to your ears.

What to Expect When You Play Smartwatch Games

Pokies are by far the most popular real money casino game compatible with smartwatches, and you have everything you need on your wrist in order to play. What these games may lack when compared to the more graphically refined versions available for enjoyment by means of tablets and smartphones, are more than compensated for by the level of convenience they present. They are intuitive enough to enjoy anytime, and ensure that you are never far from your favourite real money entertainment. These games are easy to play, exceptionally compact, and decidedly discreet. You can play anytime, without those around you necessarily being aware of that fact.

Potential for Future Growth in the Wearables Market

While the opportunities right now for smartwatch pokies play is rather limited, this situation will not last for very long. As more and more players opt for this method of access, developers will devote more for their resources to creating formatted games that function on these devices, and players can look forward to various table games becoming a smartwatch-option very soon.

While you can already enjoy various gambling and betting on the go options by means of your smartphone and tablet, wearables add an entirely new level of access, and discretion, to gaming. You will be able to give the pokies reels a spin literally whenever you like, wherever you are, without necessarily attracting unwanted attention, and can enjoy games from anywhere at all.