App Review “Crackle” Watch TV and Movies for Free

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Crackle – Movies & TV App

A great free application that allows Android users to watch FREE movies and TV shows has been released, the application is also getting more and more content so this is not some one trick fly by night app, though the web version is pretty poor looking and seems to only feature made for TV type content.

What is needed however is the Adobe 11 Flash download otherwise there are reported issues using the app, but seen as this is free you cant complain.

The Adobe 11 Flash app is available here:

Crackle App Allows You To Watch TV On Your Android Device
Crackle App Allows You To Watch TV On Your Android Device

If you are into Anime and movies in general then this application is great with around 20 movies added monthly and a host of TV shows. Of course there is a price of sorts to pay for all this “free-ness”, and that is in the form of its freemium nature, so yes you will have to watch a few choice adverts at the beginning of the show, but this is no big deal when the content is free surely!

You will need a data or wi-fi connection to be able to watch their content as it is a streaming service, but we are sure many users will find that this application is indeed a pretty sweet deal.

Anthony Munns