The Advantage of a Freelance Web Designer

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Why choose a freelance web designer?

When you are in the market for a new website and have a decision to make about who to choose and what way forward you want to go, you will at some point make a choice to go with a digital marketing agency, or a Quality Freelance Web Designer.

Whichever route you choose will dictate price, who you speak and deal with, quality of work and overall added value to the project.

With that being said it is not as clear which way will give you the benefit of all areas, as many freelancers are extremely high quality in the work they deliver and some agencies are average at best.

Let us talk generality

This may be an easier way to get some ball park thoughts and ideas on what to expect based on past experiences and general consensuses.

If you are worried about price you may want to look at sites such as Freelancer, or People Per Hour, here you will be able to source freelancers who offer a huge variety of services and will potentially give you a service at a fraction of the cost of a digital agency, but the quality of that work will vary massively and you may have language issues.

Using an established freelancer from the country you operate from is likely to be a better option if you value the old age adage that you get what you pay for.

Benefits of the agency model:

When it comes to using an agency, the main benefit you will receive from this avenue is that you will get a team at your disposal of specialist and hopefully an account manager to deal with directly, the cots of this is you have shiny offices and wages to help pay, but you do get the advantage of a diverse set of professionals.

This can however mean that a project becomes very complex when so many people are involved.

So what should you do when you need a new website? I would take a look at a fantastic article about choosing a freelance web designer, and ascertain what avenue makes most sense to you.

Good luck!

James Hedges