Google Zeitgeist 2011 HTML 5 Showcase

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Google Zeitgeist 2011 results list with HTML5 Sexiness:

So the time for Google to tell publishers exactly what the most searched for terms of 2011 were, is finally upon us:

If you go here you can take a look at how it works, or you can simply read this article and learn about it quickly!

HTML 5 Version of Google Zeitgeist is awesome:

Firstly though, I have to say that Google have done an excellent job of making the site all HTML5 sexy, and showcase what it can really do. So please delve deeper on their page and look at the search terms properly and scroll down to see what I mean.

There are some intriguing terms in there, so let us take a look at the top ten list and see who and what found the 2011 Google Zeitgeist:


  • Rebecca Black
  • Google+
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Casey Anthony
  • Battlefield Three
  • Anthony Munns
  • iPhone 5
  • Adele
  • 東京 電力
  • Steve Jobs
  • iPad2


Ok, I know it is not April but I could not resist.

So Apple dominate for products as well as Google + getting a lot of attention, despite people claiming it will never catch on.

I have just heard that Britney spears is the first person to achieve a million circles friends on Google+, but if she hits one more circle, one more time, without my permission, I am done, and going to de-friend her.

And call me a heathen, but I had no idea who Rebecca Black was, such is my distaste for most television I guess!

The list does have quite serious resonances with the human psyche though, and I think it is quite a sorry state of affairs, when you actually look at what we give a hoot about in general.

So there you go, my ever so brief round up of Google’s yearly Zeitgeist, bye for now.

Anthony Munns