HTC Rezound ICS Update Gets Unstable Hooky Release

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Not Stable

HTC Rezound owners have got news today that their Ice Cream Sandwich update will finally be available pretty damn soon, but with leaked versions hitting the web, some just had to trial what is currently on offer with mixed success and a few disappointed users to boot.

ASUS Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update

ASUS Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update CES

ASUS Transformer Prime gets Ice Cream Sandwich update and the rest of the tablet is also due a technical upgrade that will incorporate a few extra tweaks to the camera, display and also solve a few issues that faced US consumers after its eventual US release.

Gorilla Glass Version 2

Gorilla Glass 2 Unveiled At CES

Gorilla Glass, made by Corning Specialty materials, is an ultra tough smartphone and mobile display material that stops your phone breaking so easily and is now due an upgrade. We find out that Gorilla Glass 2 is sue out at CES next week promising 20% thinner material.

Galaxy S To Get Facelift But Not Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy S Will Not Get Full Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S owners have been told a few things of late and if a South Korean website is to be believed, then the news is that the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich may not be quite as it appeared, and will actually be more of a value add, than a full blown upgrade.

LG Release Ice Cream Sandwich Update Schedule For 2012

LG Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Do you own an LG phone and want your fix of Ice Cream Sandwich? Well you will not have to wait long as LG have announced the release dates of the upgrades and will be staggering these between April and September 2012.