AT&T New Data Plans For US Customers

AT&T New Data Plans

From Sunday all AT&T customers on data plans will have the option of keeping their existing plan till it ends or going for an updated pricing model that could save or cost you more, learn more about it all here:

Skype On Windows Phone Coming Soon

Skype For Windows Phone

Skype will eventually make it onto the windows phone operating system and devices running this O/S soon enough, but it is unclear if this will be a fully fledged Skype before the latter part of the year.

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website After Megaupload Faces FBI Wrath

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website Retaliation At Megaupload It has been confirmed by myself that Anonymous have indeed taken down the DOJ website as reported on The Next Web. It would appear that Universal music…

Sony Smartwatch

Android Sony Smartwatch

Sony SmartWatch shows at CES 2012, we take a look at the Android based gadget and ask do we really need another device to tell us who called and show us our recent tweets?

Ofcom Increase 4G Coverage Quota

Ofcom want 4G to be available to at least 98% of the UK population in a revised proposal ahead of the expected auction of the various spectrum’s at the end of 2012.

Fujitsu Quad-Core Smartphone Makes Appearance At CES 2012

Fujitsu Quad Core Smartphone

Fujitsu Quad-Core smartphone released at CES 2012. We examine what this new entrant to the smartphone device world is doing with the new device to make it appealing.

iPad Dropped From Space

iPad Dropped From Space Survives!

Can an iPad survive being dropped from space? G-Form have proven that an iPad that is dropped from the edges of space can indeed survive the fall so long as the device has a protective case unsurprisingly made by the firm dropping it.

Lenovo K800 Smartphone Intel Medfield

Lenovo K800 Intel Medfield Smartphone At CES

The Lenovo K800 makes a first appearance at the CES show in Las Vegas as the old Laptop manufacturer gets in bed with Intel to try and steal some thunder away from the rest of the mobile rat pack that currently dominate this exciting mobile technology marketplace.

Samsung Galaxy Note US Release Confirmed On AT&T

Galaxy Note US Release Date

The US release of the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be pretty soon after the guys at Samsung just confirmed that the phone would be released on AT&T’s 4G network soon. No pricing has emerged just yet though.

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