ASUS Transformer Prime Release Delivery Update

ASUS Transformer Prime Delivery Update

Still waiting for the arrival of your ASUS transformer prime? We keep you updated in news of stick levels running dry and the next shipment of the highly anticipated and in demand tablet pc.

iPad 3 Launch Date Rumours Plus Video

iPad 3 Launch Date Update Video Advert Released

Apple lovers are an impatient lot, and if rumours are true they may not have to wait long as many believe that an early 2012 release date will be on the cards. We take a look at the facts and give you some indications on dates.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

Does anyone want an iPod anyone? Well if you do you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, we take a closer look at this Android based iPod rival from Samsung.

Sony Tablet P Gets Released To The UK Market

Sony Tablet P UK Release

Sony want to be second to Apple in the global tablet market so they look likely to keep prices high and the feature set rich, but is the market there for a dual screen tablet – the new Sony tablet P aims to bring functionality and power to the wealthy.

Windows 8 Tablet Suffers From Lack Of Interest

Windows 8 Tablets Release Problems

Windows 8 Tablets were initially a highly desired item, so has the confusion over a multitude of operating systems and the lack of obvious X-Box integration proved to be a big challenge for the device?

iPad 3 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Date And Features

With the arrival of the next generation iPad expected to be sometime in early 2012. We take a look at one area that is looking likely to see a significant improvement, the display.

WhSmith Kobo Vox

Kobo Vox V’s Amazons Kindle Fire

The Whsmith Kobo Vox enters a crowded marketplace with the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire offering similar tablet pc’s, at similar prices, so we take a good look at this new UK offering to the tablet world.

Samsung Galaxy Note on o2

Samsung Galaxy Note UK o2 Option

Samsung galaxy note finally available as more than just a sim-free option from retailers, o2 have an offer for a contract with a small initial fee of £250.

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