Sony Xperia S Hits UK Stores 6th March

Sony Xperia S Release Date Update

Sony Xperia S released 6th march: Minus the usual Ericsson name attached, Sony will be releasing the Sony Xperia S in the UK on the 30th of January, we finally have an update of the…

Sony Smartwatch

Android Sony Smartwatch

Sony SmartWatch shows at CES 2012, we take a look at the Android based gadget and ask do we really need another device to tell us who called and show us our recent tweets?

Sony Xperia S Finds New Name

Sony Xperia S Official Release Dates

Fancy a new Sony Xperia S smartphone? Well you will not have long to wait as the corporation have announced a global roll out over the next few months with no news yet of US networks, Three will be on offer in the UK.

Sony Tablet S $100 Price Reduction Wise

Sony Tablet S Price Reduction

Sony make their tablet S sit alongside other mid level tablets after reducing the price of their device by $100. We examine if this is a wise move or not?

Sony Tablet P Gets Released To The UK Market

Sony Tablet P UK Release

Sony want to be second to Apple in the global tablet market so they look likely to keep prices high and the feature set rich, but is the market there for a dual screen tablet – the new Sony tablet P aims to bring functionality and power to the wealthy.


Sony Ericsson Nozomi Release

Sony Ericsson Nozomi Launch: In a week that has seen relatively few huge headlines compared with the takeovers and litigation fever of the last few weeks, there has however been some interesting news from Sony…