Web Traffic Dominated By iOS Mobile Devices

Smartphones And Tablets Dominate Web Traffic ComScore have released data showing smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity to such a large amount that they now take up a huge part of US web traffic,…

Nokia N9 Released In Europe

Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US

Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US Nokia have released their final phone that will run on their own operating system before they move all future devices to the much anticipated windows 7.5…

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Sales

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Global Sales

Samsung top 10 million sales with S2: Samsung’s flagship mobile device the critically acclaimed S2 has reached a staggering 10 million sales globally within the first 6 months of release. This figure is even more…

Intel Not Ditching Atom Brand

Intel Not Ditching Atom Brand

Intel’s Atom brand will continue: According to recent reports, Intel plans to re-brand its poorly received Atom brand, the brand responsible for chips in Atom based netbooks, net-tops and handheld devices, and other consumer electronics.…

SIM Dumping Costs Industry Millions Per Year

SIM dumping explained As anyone who has ever watched “the wire” will know, dumping your mobile phone and SIM costs pretty much nothing in order to replace. But we are not talking dumping your mobile…

Mobile Marketing b2b

B2B Mobile Marketing Becoming A Real Opportunity

Social Media In Mobile Marketing: With users of smartphones and tablets growing in huge numbers, research company Marketo has released convincing data that shows that content marketing strategies need to pay more attention to mobile…


Nokia Windows Phone Due Q4 2011

Nokia Windows Phones Due Date: It would appear, according to Nokia’s twitter account, that the arrival of the much anticipated Nokia/Windows phones will be sometime around Q4 2011 with the main bulk of arrival due…

Windows 8 No Flash

Windows 8 Kills Off Flash For Good?

Microsoft join Apple to Kill Flash on the web: You have to love the technology world. Why? Because it keeps you well and truly on your toes! Only the other day I wrote an article…

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