Iphone 5 4 Inch Display

iPhone 5 To Have 4 Inch Screen Display

Steve Jobs never wanted the iPhone to have two differing screen sizes but it looks like since his passing away that apple execs have taken into on themselves to create a device that increases the screen real estate to 4 inches from 3.5.

Samsung Galaxy Note on o2

Samsung Galaxy Note UK o2 Option

Samsung galaxy note finally available as more than just a sim-free option from retailers, o2 have an offer for a contract with a small initial fee of £250.

Amazon Smartphone Release

Amazon Smartphone Release 2012?

Mark Mahaney of Citigroup’s research division has gleaned that Amazon are due to release a smartphone by the end of 2012, we examine the findings and ask if this could be true?


Nokia Lumia 800 UK Release

Nokia have left things for too long in the smartphone market, so will their new breed of smartphones based initially on Window Mango be a success on a soon to be defunct O/S or will the relationship bring in the bacon?

Porsche Designed Blackberry

Porsche And Blackberry Team Coming Soon

Porsche Design Blackberry Phone: RIM (research in motion) are looking to shine another bright new light on affairs in Blackberry land after the fiasco of recent saw Blackberry users go without much of their services…


iPhone 5 Release Date 4th October

iPhone 5 Release Date In October: Well I have had the misfortune of once again getting lured into a Mashable article to find that as expected, it contained around 150 words of pure averageness relating…

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