Amazon Declare War On The High Street

Mobile Declares War On The High Street

Would you ditch your local store if you could find things cheaper online? What if that decision was made even easier by having a mobile price checker wherever you went, welcome to the new way to shop, with some help from Amazon.

Mobile Commerce Changes Way We Shop

Mobile Ecommerce Huge Growth

With mobile use becoming ever more feature rich and prevalent, commerce is seeing a sea change in behaviour as consumers are starting to use their device for price comparison and also general research before they shop, and in-store.

“o2 More” Campaign Massive Success

“o2 more” campaign hits the big time with 23% of customers subscribing: UK mobile operator o2 (Telefonica UK) have hit onto something with their “o2 more” campaign. Essentially a discount based offer scheme aimed at…


Smartphones Perfect For Shopping Comparisons

Why smartphones will make retailers wake up to competitor pricing on the high street and online: The growing ubiquity of smartphones among the spending classes, i.e the people who still have some cash to spare…