Ubuntu On Android Mobile Operating Systems See More Covergence

Ubuntu On Android – A Revolution In Operating Systems?

Will the one operating system approach work now that we have mobile devices as powerful as high end laptops and desktops PC’s? Ubuntu seem to think that there is a market and want to make Android device manufacturers install their operating system on every device so you can be truly mobile at the office and away.

Tesco Offer Free WiFi In Metro Stores

Tesco Roll Out Free Wi-Fi

Tesco are offering clubcard members and visitors to their metro stores free access to their own Wi-Fi network. So now you can easily check your clubcard points and what is cheap in store.

Windows 8 Tablet Suffers From Lack Of Interest

Windows 8 Tablets Release Problems

Windows 8 Tablets were initially a highly desired item, so has the confusion over a multitude of operating systems and the lack of obvious X-Box integration proved to be a big challenge for the device?