Syria Bans Use Of iPhones

Syria Bans iPhones

The Syrian government wants to ensure that the people of Syria are not allowed to tell their stories to the rest of the world, so have banned the use of smartphones like the Apple iPhone.

Starbucks Release UK Apps For iPhone and iPad

Starbucks Release UK App For iPhone and iPad

Do you ever feel like you want to pay less time queuing when you order and pay for your coffee at Starbucks? A new application out for the iPhone and iPad aims to cut your waiting time to ten seconds for payment of your bill.


iPhone 5 Was Steve Jobs Last Project

iPhone 5 was jobs last work: With the rather lacklustre release of the iPhone 4S we learn what Steve Jobs was doing at Apple until his final days. iPhone 5 the legacy: So it has…


Web Traffic Dominated By iOS Mobile Devices

Smartphones And Tablets Dominate Web Traffic ComScore have released data showing smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity to such a large amount that they now take up a huge part of US web traffic,…

Steve Jobs Dies – The Legacy

Steve Jobs Dies – But Has Apple Also? It is genuinely sad news to hear that Steve Jobs had finally succumb to the big C after such a long and brave battle with the disease.…

Windows 8 No Flash

Windows 8 Kills Off Flash For Good?

Microsoft join Apple to Kill Flash on the web: You have to love the technology world. Why? Because it keeps you well and truly on your toes! Only the other day I wrote an article…

Flash On iPhone

Flash On The iPhone At Last?

Adobe Flash on iPhone With the arrival of Adobe media server 4.5, the team behind the Adobe creative suite has seemingly bowed to pressure from Apple. I examine why this has happened and what it…


Sony Ericsson Nozomi Release

Sony Ericsson Nozomi Launch: In a week that has seen relatively few huge headlines compared with the takeovers and litigation fever of the last few weeks, there has however been some interesting news from Sony…

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