Apple iPad Mini To Arrive After Full iPad 3 Launch

iPad 3 Mini Coming Soon?

Apple is planning to release the “iPad Mini” later this year. We take a look into the same and new features that could make it the greatest iPad yet.

iPad 3 Amazing Battery Life But How

Apple iPad 3 – Huge Battery 10 Hour Target

Apple’s new iPad 3 will feature a battery that offers nearly twice the power of the iPad 2 and it will need it. But how have they done this and will it really last that magic 10 hour mark that Apple want to offer all iPad’s

iPad 3 Launch Date Rumours Plus Video

iPad 3 Launch Date Update Video Advert Released

Apple lovers are an impatient lot, and if rumours are true they may not have to wait long as many believe that an early 2012 release date will be on the cards. We take a look at the facts and give you some indications on dates.

iPad 3 February 2012 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Launch Date February 2012

It would appear that Apple may be releasing the iPad 3 early, having sorted the retina display manufacturing issues out, but is a February launch date still a little optimistic for Apple lovers out there? And is March a more likely date.

iPad 3 Summer Release And To Feature LTE

iPad 3 Summer Release

How soon do you want your next iPad or iPhone? Well you will have a fair bit of a wait for both if news we have from Japan is to be believed.

iPad 3 Release Date

iPad 3 Release Date And Features

With the arrival of the next generation iPad expected to be sometime in early 2012. We take a look at one area that is looking likely to see a significant improvement, the display.