Google Roll Out Application Search option

Google Integrates Application Search Option

Google have altered their search choices yet again with the addition of a new filter to specifically search information on “apps” or “applications” we examine what this means and how it works.

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets?

Nokia Produce Windows Tablets: Big news in Nokia land in the last few days with the arrival of their new Nokia/Windows smartphones coming in the form of the Lumia Series. So what next for the…

Steve Jobs Dies – The Legacy

Steve Jobs Dies – But Has Apple Also? It is genuinely sad news to hear that Steve Jobs had finally succumb to the big C after such a long and brave battle with the disease.…

Windows 8 No Flash

Windows 8 Kills Off Flash For Good?

Microsoft join Apple to Kill Flash on the web: You have to love the technology world. Why? Because it keeps you well and truly on your toes! Only the other day I wrote an article…

HTC Titan First Glance – Huge Screen

HTC Titan – Giant Screens R US Do you like your screens to dominate your phone? Personally I love a good sized screen with funky gorilla glass protecting it from scratches and knocks while still…


Mozilla Entering Mobile Operating System Market

Mozilla the famed standards compliant browser developers are rumoured to be looking at developing a mobile operating system to rival Google’s Android and Apples iOS among others. Mozilla Mobile Operating System Boot to Gecko is…

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