HTC Rezound ICS Update Gets Unstable Hooky Release

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Not Stable

HTC Rezound owners have got news today that their Ice Cream Sandwich update will finally be available pretty damn soon, but with leaked versions hitting the web, some just had to trial what is currently on offer with mixed success and a few disappointed users to boot.

Kodak Sue Apple And HTC

Kodak Sues Apple And HTC – More Troubles Brew

Kodak are annoyed with Apple and HTC and have submitted legal lawsuits that claims that their patents on certain imaging technology have been used without licensing and therefore constitute patent infringements. But with the NYSE threatening to delist the company, something even worse is going on at Kodak, we take an in-depth look at the fall of the once mighty imaging giant.

Apple Win HTC Ban

Apple Win Ban On HTC Imported Phones From April 2012

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has brought about a ban on HTC models that impinge on a certain Apple patent. The ban will cone into effect in early 2012, but will it actually make any difference to HTC who said they will just amend their design before the ban comes into force?

BT Sue Google Over Patents

BT Sues Google Over Patents

BT sues Google, yes Google are under attack from BT after yet another technology company enters the legal landscape and attacks the big G over alleged patent misuse and theft. What will be in store in 2012 for litigation in mobile land?

Carrier IQ Sees Class Actions Brought Against Them In Delaware Court System

Carrier IQ Lawsuits Grow

Carrier IQ and companies that used their software, are under attack for breaching civil liberties and taking privacy matters in their own hands. We learn a little more about the company and find out how the legal landscape is shaping up now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

Germany Ban HTC Smartphones

HTC 3G Phones Likely To Get Banned In Germany Over Patents

German courts seem to be getting tough on patent issues related to foreign companies as HTC look likely to be the next overseas smartphone manufacturer that is made an example of in German courts over patent issues in the run up to Christmas as 3G enabled HTC smartphone devices look set to be banned.

HTC Titan First Glance – Huge Screen

HTC Titan – Giant Screens R US Do you like your screens to dominate your phone? Personally I love a good sized screen with funky gorilla glass protecting it from scratches and knocks while still…

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