Wikipedia Goes Black

SOPA Blackout Wikipedia Goes Black In Defiance At The SOPA Bill

The global SOPA Blackout aims to highlight the chilling effects a bill like this would have on the internet as a whole. We give our support to those who stand defiant against the freedoms of the current internet and ask for alternatives to be discussed other than draconian measures that will help no one at all.

UK Government Criticised Over Slow 4G Auction

Labour Criticise UK Government Over 4G Auction

The 4G spectrum auction in the UK has been delayed for a long time now. With networks and governments being slow to bring anything closer to a sale, criticism is directed at these parties over the delayed introduction of 4G to the UK with associated lost revenues for the UK taxpayer.

Ofcom Increase 4G Coverage Quota

Ofcom want 4G to be available to at least 98% of the UK population in a revised proposal ahead of the expected auction of the various spectrum’s at the end of 2012.