Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

Samsung S3 April Release Date?

Samsung are looking to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 in April according to a Russian blogger, and with a new model appearing on the Samsung website briefly could this be true?

Galaxy S To Get Facelift But Not Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy S Will Not Get Full Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S owners have been told a few things of late and if a South Korean website is to be believed, then the news is that the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich may not be quite as it appeared, and will actually be more of a value add, than a full blown upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S And Tab May Get Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy S And Tab Will Get Ice Cream Sandwich

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab may get an Ice Cream Sandwich update after all, we examine news just in that suggests that Samsung will make a workaround to counteract the issues that have forced an initial no show for ICS on these devices.

Galaxy Nexus US Release Date 15th December

Galaxy Nexus Final Release Date Update

Could the 15th of December finally be the release date of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus on US shores? A leaked picture from Costso would suggest that the device is pretty damn close to launch.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review

Does anyone want an iPod anyone? Well if you do you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, we take a closer look at this Android based iPod rival from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fixed

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fixed

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was not without problems. An issue related to the volume caused the Ice Cream Sandwich based device to lower the call volume and a reboot was the only option to solve the problem. however a solution is now provided as a free upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Google have dropped support of adobe flash in their new operating system “Ice cream sandwich” so will the new galaxy nexus suffer from the perceived brand new world of HTML5 as it is still quite new in terms of adoption and sophistication?

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