Verizon Nexus Signal Problems

Galaxy Nexus Signal Problems On Verizon

Are you having Galaxy Nexus Signal Problems? Well you are not alone as we are haring many people complain of low signal strength and dropped calls, we examine how you can sort the issues out and ask for help identifying alternative solutions.

Galaxy Nexus US Release Date 15th December

Galaxy Nexus Final Release Date Update

Could the 15th of December finally be the release date of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus on US shores? A leaked picture from Costso would suggest that the device is pretty damn close to launch.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Update

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Update

Canadians are enjoying the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but US buyers will have to wait a little longer as no concrete news has emerged of a definite date that it will launch state-side.

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus reviewed

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Samsung have become well known for delivering very powerful smartphones, so what do we make of the new Galaxy Nexus device that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Android O/S?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Google have dropped support of adobe flash in their new operating system “Ice cream sandwich” so will the new galaxy nexus suffer from the perceived brand new world of HTML5 as it is still quite new in terms of adoption and sophistication?