National Transportation Safety Board In The US Calls For Total Ban On Mobiles While Driving

US Could Ban Mobile CellPhone Use In Cars

Do you think you should be able to tweet while driving or update your facebook status, you may already live in a state that has banned talking on your mobile while driving, but what about a complete ban on mobile phone use while driving?


How Facebook is Changing Photography

Facebook changes photo sharing and printing for ever: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that digital pictures are quickly replacing printed photos. DSLR’s are still popular—and getting more…


Blackberry Users Blamed For London Riots

Blackberry users have been blamed for helping to organise the London riots: Blackberry’s message system BBM is famous for being a closed messaging service meaning that services such as the police can not easily intercept…

Video – Attack Of The Smart Phones

Attack Of The Smart Phones – The Rise Of The Smart Phone Smart Phone Revolution: Watch and learn how the mobile phone just got a little smarter and is taking your lives over bit by…

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