BT Wi-Fi Hotspots Hit 3.5 Million Across The UK

BT Reaches 3.5m Wi-Fi Hotspot Milestone

BT claim to now have some 3.5 million UK hotspots for customers to tap into across the UK are you a BT Fon user and what do you think of the service provided as a result of this network?

BT Sue Google Over Patents

BT Sues Google Over Patents

BT sues Google, yes Google are under attack from BT after yet another technology company enters the legal landscape and attacks the big G over alleged patent misuse and theft. What will be in store in 2012 for litigation in mobile land?


BT Slammed For Fibre Monopoly

BT criticised for potential monopoly on fibre optic broadband: With BT rolling out its super-fast up fibre optic to the cabinet (FTTC) to many parts of the UK, it appears that not all of the…