AT&T New Data Plans For US Customers

AT&T New Data Plans

From Sunday all AT&T customers on data plans will have the option of keeping their existing plan till it ends or going for an updated pricing model that could save or cost you more, learn more about it all here:

Nokia Ace On AT&T Rumor

AT&T Nokia Ace Coming Soon Rumor

Still waiting patiently for the arrival of the Nokia Ace on AT&T, well this picture may or may not prove that it is well on the way, though it is unclear what the model is and who created the photo!

AT&T T-Mobile Deal

AT&T And T-Mobile Takeover Collapses

Was the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile always gong to end up being a complete mess? We take a look at the collapse of the huge Telecoms deal, that looked to be such a huge event for the US market.