Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems Update

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems Update Fix

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Problems will be fixed with an update brought out by Nokia that will also bring some other improvements to the overall functionality and performance of the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone.

Google Maps And the train line Team Up

UK Google Maps For Train Times

Google maps have integrated their map data with the UK rail times via to bring news on travel times and a method to buy tickets easily via the Google maps interface.

Skype On Windows Phone Coming Soon

Skype For Windows Phone

Skype will eventually make it onto the windows phone operating system and devices running this O/S soon enough, but it is unclear if this will be a fully fledged Skype before the latter part of the year.

iPad Dropped From Space

iPad Dropped From Space Survives!

Can an iPad survive being dropped from space? G-Form have proven that an iPad that is dropped from the edges of space can indeed survive the fall so long as the device has a protective case unsurprisingly made by the firm dropping it.

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