Kindle Fire Review

Amazon Kindle Fire Review – The Lowdown

The Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most anticipated tablets and gadgets of 2011, it is potentially a game changer for the tablet market, we review and take a look at the device and see what it offers consumers.

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia To Produce Windows 8 Tablets?

Nokia Produce Windows Tablets: Big news in Nokia land in the last few days with the arrival of their new Nokia/Windows smartphones coming in the form of the Lumia Series. So what next for the…


Web Traffic Dominated By iOS Mobile Devices

Smartphones And Tablets Dominate Web Traffic ComScore have released data showing smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity to such a large amount that they now take up a huge part of US web traffic,…

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Samsung Galaxy Note The new release from Samsung is an intriguing offering that is perhaps a category defining new mobile device, here is why: Samsung Galaxy Note Review: With Samsung emerging as an industry leading…

Amazon Tablet Due For October Release

Amazon Tablet Launch Date: In an update to rumours that Amazon may enter a price war with Apple when they finally release their versions of the Apple iPad tablet computer. News from component suppliers Foxconn…

Amazon Tablet To Be Much Cheaper Than The iPad

Amazon’s tablet competitor possible named “Hollywood” is likely to be cheaper than the iPad: With no real news coming from Amazon concerning the anticipated “Hollywood” tablet, so like any good reporters, a dash of speculation…

E-Book Demand Triples Year On Year

E-Book demand triples year on year: Ok, so this articles source has a hint of the self fulfilling prophecy behind it as the data is released via a Mr Sriram Peruvemba, the CMO of E-Ink…

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