Amazon Declare War On The High Street

Mobile Declares War On The High Street

Would you ditch your local store if you could find things cheaper online? What if that decision was made even easier by having a mobile price checker wherever you went, welcome to the new way to shop, with some help from Amazon.

iPad 3 Summer Release And To Feature LTE

iPad 3 Summer Release

How soon do you want your next iPad or iPhone? Well you will have a fair bit of a wait for both if news we have from Japan is to be believed.

Sony Tablet P Gets Released To The UK Market

Sony Tablet P UK Release

Sony want to be second to Apple in the global tablet market so they look likely to keep prices high and the feature set rich, but is the market there for a dual screen tablet – the new Sony tablet P aims to bring functionality and power to the wealthy.

Windows 8 Tablet Suffers From Lack Of Interest

Windows 8 Tablets Release Problems

Windows 8 Tablets were initially a highly desired item, so has the confusion over a multitude of operating systems and the lack of obvious X-Box integration proved to be a big challenge for the device?

WhSmith Kobo Vox

Kobo Vox V’s Amazons Kindle Fire

The Whsmith Kobo Vox enters a crowded marketplace with the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire offering similar tablet pc’s, at similar prices, so we take a good look at this new UK offering to the tablet world.


Nook V’s Kindle Fire Tablet

So you are thinking of getting either a Barnes and Noble Nook or an Amazon Kindle Fire? Let us help your decision making by providing you with some key comparisons of the two.

Mobile Commerce Changes Way We Shop

Mobile Ecommerce Huge Growth

With mobile use becoming ever more feature rich and prevalent, commerce is seeing a sea change in behaviour as consumers are starting to use their device for price comparison and also general research before they shop, and in-store.

Starbucks Release UK Apps For iPhone and iPad

Starbucks Release UK App For iPhone and iPad

Do you ever feel like you want to pay less time queuing when you order and pay for your coffee at Starbucks? A new application out for the iPhone and iPad aims to cut your waiting time to ten seconds for payment of your bill.

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