Android Malware

How Does Malware In Android Applications Work?

How does malware in smartphone applications work? With the news that yet another malware infected application has hit the Android marketplace, we ask what the hell does a malware infected app look like and what…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

Google have dropped support of adobe flash in their new operating system “Ice cream sandwich” so will the new galaxy nexus suffer from the perceived brand new world of HTML5 as it is still quite new in terms of adoption and sophistication?

Samsung Galaxy Note on o2

Samsung Galaxy Note UK o2 Option

Samsung galaxy note finally available as more than just a sim-free option from retailers, o2 have an offer for a contract with a small initial fee of £250.


Web Traffic Dominated By iOS Mobile Devices

Smartphones And Tablets Dominate Web Traffic ComScore have released data showing smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity to such a large amount that they now take up a huge part of US web traffic,…

Nokia N9 Released In Europe

Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US

Nokia N9 Available In Europe Not UK Or US Nokia have released their final phone that will run on their own operating system before they move all future devices to the much anticipated windows 7.5…

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Sales

Samsung Galaxy S2 Hits 10 Million Global Sales

Samsung top 10 million sales with S2: Samsung’s flagship mobile device the critically acclaimed S2 has reached a staggering 10 million sales globally within the first 6 months of release. This figure is even more…

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