Microsoft To Buy Nokia

Microsoft To Buy Nokia Rumor

Would a Microsoft buyout of Nokia make sense? Rumors are abound that Microsoft could be about to buy Nokia’s smartphone division, but Nokia are telling people that this is utter nonsense so who to believe? We take a look at all angels.

National Transportation Safety Board In The US Calls For Total Ban On Mobiles While Driving

US Could Ban Mobile CellPhone Use In Cars

Do you think you should be able to tweet while driving or update your facebook status, you may already live in a state that has banned talking on your mobile while driving, but what about a complete ban on mobile phone use while driving?

Nokia Lumia 710 Gets January UK Release Date

Nokia Lumia 710 Release Date January

Are you looking for ward to the cheaper version of the Lumia series, the 710? We have heard that it could be getting released in January 2012 if sources are to be believed.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Update

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Update

Canadians are enjoying the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but US buyers will have to wait a little longer as no concrete news has emerged of a definite date that it will launch state-side.

Amazon Declare War On The High Street

Mobile Declares War On The High Street

Would you ditch your local store if you could find things cheaper online? What if that decision was made even easier by having a mobile price checker wherever you went, welcome to the new way to shop, with some help from Amazon.

iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

Sick Of Apple iPhone 4S Battery Problems?

Annoyed that your iPhone 4S’s battery life does not give you full access to your new smartphone for a full day? Have your say in this article and let us tell manufacturers that a poor battery or issues with the operating system that cause battery life issues is not good enough.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus US Release Date

Galaxy Nexus US Release Date

Finally the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released in the US this week. The new Android phone sporting the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System will be available on Verizon on the 9th of December.

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