National Transportation Safety Board In The US Calls For Total Ban On Mobiles While Driving

US Could Ban Mobile CellPhone Use In Cars

Do you think you should be able to tweet while driving or update your facebook status, you may already live in a state that has banned talking on your mobile while driving, but what about a complete ban on mobile phone use while driving?

Carrier IQ Sees Class Actions Brought Against Them In Delaware Court System

Carrier IQ Lawsuits Grow

Carrier IQ and companies that used their software, are under attack for breaching civil liberties and taking privacy matters in their own hands. We learn a little more about the company and find out how the legal landscape is shaping up now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

What Is Carrier IQ?

What Is Carrier IQ?

Are your mobile phone actions and movements being tracked? We tap into the real news on what carrier IQ really is all about and tell you if you should be concerned or not.

Google IBM patents

Google Buys Patents From IBM

Google Buys More Than 1000 Patents From IBM Google has splashed out an undisclosed amount on around 1000 patents from IBM as Google attempts to create a patent portfolio that will help mitigate further legal…

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