.xxx Domains Go On General Sale

.xxx Domains Go On General Sale

Domain names have been quite boring for a long time, but now you can get hold of a saucy and sexy .xxx version just for you pornography lovers out there.

Tesco Offer Free WiFi In Metro Stores

Tesco Roll Out Free Wi-Fi

Tesco are offering clubcard members and visitors to their metro stores free access to their own Wi-Fi network. So now you can easily check your clubcard points and what is cheap in store.

HP webOS News

HP Announce Future Of Web OS

With 600 peoples jobs at stake, the future of webOS and HP in general is causing concern, we learn that CEO Meg Whitman is due to provide information relating to the future of HP and web OS in the next two weeks.

AT&T T-Mobile Deal

AT&T And T-Mobile Takeover Collapses

Was the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile always gong to end up being a complete mess? We take a look at the collapse of the huge Telecoms deal, that looked to be such a huge event for the US market.

O2 Trial 4G In London

O2 4G Trial Hits London

London: o2 are to trial a new high speed 4G network which everyone hopes will be perfect for the future as mobile grows ever more demanding on data connections.

SIM Dumping Costs Industry Millions Per Year

SIM dumping explained As anyone who has ever watched “the wire” will know, dumping your mobile phone and SIM costs pretty much nothing in order to replace. But we are not talking dumping your mobile…


BT Slammed For Fibre Monopoly

BT criticised for potential monopoly on fibre optic broadband: With BT rolling out its super-fast up fibre optic to the cabinet (FTTC) to many parts of the UK, it appears that not all of the…

Samsung Will Never Buy Web OS Here Is Why

Samsung Not interested in HP’s webOS: In an article written only a few days ago about the wholesale scrapping of the webOS operating system from HP, I opened a bit of a twitter conversation regarding…

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