AT&T New Data Plans For US Customers

AT&T New Data Plans

From Sunday all AT&T customers on data plans will have the option of keeping their existing plan till it ends or going for an updated pricing model that could save or cost you more, learn more about it all here:

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website After Megaupload Faces FBI Wrath

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website

Anonymous Take Down DOJ Website Retaliation At Megaupload It has been confirmed by myself that Anonymous have indeed taken down the DOJ website as reported on The Next Web. It would appear that Universal music…

UK Government Criticised Over Slow 4G Auction

Labour Criticise UK Government Over 4G Auction

The 4G spectrum auction in the UK has been delayed for a long time now. With networks and governments being slow to bring anything closer to a sale, criticism is directed at these parties over the delayed introduction of 4G to the UK with associated lost revenues for the UK taxpayer.

Apple Release Supplier Audit Information

Apple Disclose Suppliers

Apple have audited some 229 companies in their supply chain in 2011 and released the documentation to settle fears that Apple do not care about their supply chain employment conditions.

Ofcom Increase 4G Coverage Quota

Ofcom want 4G to be available to at least 98% of the UK population in a revised proposal ahead of the expected auction of the various spectrum’s at the end of 2012.

Blueseed Silicon Valley On A Ship

Silicon Valley To Be Reborn As Blueseed On A Ship?

Ever heard of “seasteading”? Well similar to the old Pirate radio stations in the English Channel in the 60’s this novel approach to not having a visa means that people can work legally in close proximity to areas of interest like silicon valley minus the work visa needed to work legally in the area.

HP To Make WebOS Open Source

WebOS Offered To Open Source Community

When HP bought Palm and acquired WebOS for $1.2 billion in July 2010, the developer community never expected that their tablet and smartphones would flop so badly or that they would end up offering their WebOS operating system out as open source in just over a year.

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