Why Android gives users a wider choice of devices to choose from


The Advantages of Android

It would seem that Android is one of the most successful operating systems.  Is this because of its technical quality or is it riding on the coattails of Google?

Android was established in 2003 with the purpose of developing smartphones.  In 2005 Android was acquired by Google who was using Open Source developed from the Linux kernel.  In 2007 the Open Handset Alliance was founded and the first Android smartphone, HTC Dream, was released in 2008.  What makes Android so popular is that can be used on many devices, whereas iOS is only compatible with Apple devices.


Smartphone users will notice that most interfaces all look very similar and that these interfaces have not really changed at all over the years.  With PC’s, tablets and laptops there has been some improvement and changes, possibly because of the larger screen.  Android seems to be the only OS at this time that is making advancements in making the interface more interactive.  Android devices will allow the users to customise their interface by offering hundreds of different widgets for example.  Users can make the phone their own and are able to set up their device in a way that works best for them.  With iOS the setup is not really setup for much change.

Smartphones are a universal device and everyone now has a smartphone, whether they use it for making calls, sending emails, surfing the web or playing the mobile slots Canada has to offer…  There are many people out there that do not speak English and would prefer an interface in their own language.  Android can deliver this as they support 70 languages which means that many people around the world can enjoy their device with a language they understand.

Google Play Store

Studies have shown that there are over 3 million Android apps, and mobile gaming and use is increasing all the time. The Google Play Store is the official app store, but Android has given their users the option of using other apps if they choose to.  There are many other app stores that cater to Android too, but the Google Play store remains the largest.


Security has and always be one of the main factors for many people when choosing a device.  Android comes with on board security features that are designed to minimise the impact of security issues, especially with regard to apps.  Android also makes use of technologies that aim to reduce memory management issues and make use of file encryption to protect data and the retrieval of stolen devices.  The user has the option of granting permissions or restrictions when it comes to data.


With regard to hardware, Android is compatible with various platforms which include 32 and 64 bit, MIPS, ARM architectures and MIPS64.  This means that Android can be used in many devices and not limited to only certain kinds of mobile devices.  Any developer today can make use of Android, which allows for a wider range of devices to choose from.  Cost is also an important factor to consider, we all know that iOS devices are much more expensive.  With the wide range of devices to choose from users will be able to purchase a good quality device that will not break the bank.

Choosing an operating system depends very much on a user’s personal choice and what they need the device to do, but it clear that Android offers a wider range of options without compromising important features that users require from their devices.